Vitamin C

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Vitamin C known as ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant, is a component of immune enhancing supplements, protects cells from oxidative stress. Has a beneficial effect on the body: strengthens immunity, participates in the production of collagen, prevents fatigue, adds energy, prevents bleeding gums. Vitamin C dietary supplements available in the Bodyshock store in various forms: vitamin C powder, tablets, capsules, liquid liposomal vitamin C, buffered vitamin C.

Preparations with vitamin C are also enriched with other ingredients that increase the effect of supplements. Among the wide range of preparations with ascorbic acid you will also find complex preparations. Popular supplements in this category include: vitamin C with rose hips, vitamin C with acerola, vitamin C with the addition of bioflavonoids, vitamin C with the addition of CBD, vitamin C with rutoside, vitamin C 1000, vitamin C with zinc. Vitamin C supplementation is recommended especially for physically active people exposed to stress during periods of reduced immunity.