5% Nutrition (Rich Piana)

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5% Nutrition is the legendary company of Richard Eugene Piana, who created not only the supplement company, but the entire 5% philosophy. The brand was founded in 2014 in the US and has quickly expanded across the globe. The brand works with individual ingredient manufacturers who adhere strictly to cGMP and Certified for Good Manufacturing Practices certifications. In addition, 5% Nutrition works with a number of nutrition, supplementation and exercise support specialists to ensure that the products meet the needs of those in training.

Rich was a colourful character who represented his lifestyle and freak approach with dignity. The 5% ideology refers to Rich's words that he believed that only 5% of people in the world were capable of giving their best in training and his supplements were designed to help with this. Rich believed that only 5% of people are able to give their all and dedicate themselves fully to bodybuilding and this certainly cannot be taken away from him. His aim was to motivate a huge audience and he did just that through his colourful stories, podcasts and video blogs. Rich passed away in 2017, but his legend continues under 5% Nutrition.

The manufacturer's range of products includes pre-workout supplements, protein supplements, muscle strengthening products and liver protectors.

All 5% Nutrition Rich Piana supplements are characterised by a rich composition and decent doses of components. Undoubtedly our customer favourites include: Real Food, AllDayYouMay caffeinated, Kill IT, Liver & Organ Defender.