Assassin Labs

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Assassin Labs is a supplement brand that primarily focuses on creating high quality SARM-based supplements, as well as powerful pre-workouts. The brand is currently new to the supplement market, but it is starting to receive rave reviews quite quickly and is gaining conviction from people who appreciate strong supplements. Assassin Labs provides us with all the core SARMs on the market, which are the most popular and which are tested for safety. What's more, Assassin Labs products have high concentrations of active ingredients, which further enhances their appeal in the supplement market.

Of particular note is the Assassin Labs product Sniper Mass GH, which is a combination of two of the most effective SARMs such as MK-677 and LGD-4033. The product has been designed for maximum anabolic support, growth of pure muscle mass growth hormone stimulation and significant gains in muscle strength. The supplement is ideal for those resistant to weight gain.

It is also worth looking at Assassin Labs Sniper Pre Engage pre-workout, which has a simple yet highly effective formulation. The product is based on geramine (DMAA), of which you get as much as 75 mg per serving, which is a very significant amount. What's more, a solid dose of Agmatine will give us an extreme pump, while the nootropic ingredients sustain the effectiveness.

The most popular products among BodyShock.PRO customers are Stenabolic SR-9009; Ibutamoren MK-677Ostarine MK-2866 and Anadrine S-4.