Competitive Edge Labs

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Competitive Edge Labs is a US-based supplement brand that was one of the first to hit the market with very powerful supplements that far surpassed what is on offer from the competition. The company toils in hardcore supplementation, where you will find, among other things, high-quality prohormones, but also substances with strong health-promoting effects that you will rarely find in shops on a daily basis. Most of you will certainly be familiar with the famous M-DROL, which made a huge splash in the prohormone market and has been remembered ever since.

Nowadays, the Competitive Edge Labs brand is focusing more on health-promoting supplements, which are lacking in the supplementation market but are important for their biological health-promoting action or for their action to improve our exercise capacity. By choosing the brand's supplements, we are assured of the effectiveness of the supplementation, the high standardisation and the potency of the individual active compounds.

At BodyShock.PRO, customers are most likely to use supplements from Competitive Edge Labs such as : TUDCA, Cycle Asist, Swole, M-TEST.