EFX Sports

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EFX Sports is a supplement brand from the US that was created by enthusiasts of healthy lifestyles and supplementation in the broadest sense. The company offers products with pure, honest ingredients, without unnecessary or dangerous additives. The brand is best known for its buffered creatine kre-alkalyn, which launched the company, offering a completely new solution in creatine supplementation.

The motivation for the company's founding was based on three factors, which strongly rattled the owners:
1. too much misrepresentation in the supplementation world, cheating on ingredients and additives that are potentially dangerous,
2. Lack of proper genetics for figure sports,
3. Lack of quality supplements on the market that will actually work.

EFX Sports was created to help combat the three factors mentioned above and give athletes the opportunity to use quality products that will perfectly support figure development. What's more, the owners, as they began their adventure with strength sports from the consumer side, knew very well that the market didn't need more fancy companies with fancy products and formulations, but solid products that would work.

In the BodyShock.PRO store, the most popular products are Kre-Alkalyn EFX and the Lean Fix fat burner.