Inspired Nutraceuticals

Number of products: 11

Inspired Nutraceuticals is a brand founded in 2014, whose founding idea was born in Huntington Beach, California USA. The founders matured a certain gap in the supplementation market that needed to be filled with products devoid of marketing gimmicks. The brand is guided by three principles:

  • Passion in creating products for athletes, rather than profit-driven.
  • Products based on knowledge, not publicity.
  • Real composition, not catchy advertising and gimmicks.

Years of training, complemented by scientific knowledge and laboratory practice, have created products that meet the requirements of hard-training athletes. Inspired Nutraceuticals products are manufactured in accordance with modern cGMP requirements in the United States, guaranteeing high quality supplementation. The ingredients that make up the supplements come from proven, certified sources, ensuring high performance.

Above all, the people who make up the brand focus on making sure that the money invested translates strongly into quality supplements. As the brand owners say: "It is necessary to put significant financial resources into the products and refine them before releasing them on the market. This is an investment that pays off several times over. We want our customer to be treated as if we were treated ourselves."

The company's best-known products include the no booster DVST8 Premium and FSU, the CR3 Creatine Stack, and the thermogenics Ember.