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A&D 100 caps

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NowFoods A&D 10000iu/400iu vitamin D3 and A per serving

A & D Now Foods is a combination of vitamin A with a highly absorbable form of vitamin D. The formula combines effective doses of 10,000 IU of vitamin A and 400 IU of vitamin D3 that will provide you with healthy bones and teeth and will also effectively take care of your eyesight. The health of our hair, skin and nails depend to a large extent on vitamin A.

How does vitamin A work?

Vitamin A supports many key processes for the proper functioning of the body. The vitamin is also very important for our eyesight. Vitamin A occurs in the form of retinol or carotene. Retinol is a vitamin in a pure form that can be found in animal nutrition. In turn, we can find carotenes in plant food. Nowadays, retinol was used in the Now Foods diet supplement. Vitamin A is responsible for a number of activities in the human body. The retina of the eye requires retinol for correct color vision. In addition to the important issue of vision, there are several other advantages of vitamin A, among them:

Vitamin A properties

- it is a key vitamin when it comes to the health of our skin, hair and nails. That is why it is often an invaluable component of skin and hair supplements. The use of vitamin is particularly important for dry and acne-prone skin. It helps the skin to maintain an adequate level of hydration, thanks to which the skin is more elastic and soft. It also helps in the fight against signs of aging such as wrinkles. It proves helpful in reducing stretch marks or symptoms of flaky skin.

- Vitamin A affects normal embryonic and fetal development.

- it is a strong antioxidant, thanks to which it neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals on the cells and tissues of our body. Thanks to this property can reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease. - affects the behavior of humidity in the mucous membranes of the airways, digestive system, etc.

- is responsible for the proper growth of bones and teeth.

What is vitamin D3 in the form of cholecalciferol?

Cholecalciferol - it is an organic chemical compound from the group of vitamin D. It is soluble in fats and has the ability to store in the body. He is best known for his influence on the calcium economy and its positive effect on bones, but in recent years much more health properties of vitamin D have been discovered for practically every system in our body. It is synthesized in the skin under the influence of UV-B rays on 7-dehydrocholesterol.

Widespread vitamin D deficiency in society

It is estimated that up to 90% of the population may have insufficient level of vitamin D in the blood. This makes the vitamin gaining an inglorious title of the most missing vitamin in the body. The reason for this may be a small exposure to sunlight from 11-14 hours, which is characterized by the highest UV-B emission. Unfortunately, these hours coincide with the working time of the majority of society, which means that it is not possible to use the healthy properties of the sun.

Economy of calcium and phosphorus

Vitamin D effectively supports the absorption of these minerals in the gut, and then has a positive effect on their use. It also helps to regulate the level of calcium in the blood. The reduction in the level of parathyroid hormone by vitamin D may contribute to limiting the release of calcium from bone stores, allowing for a higher bone mineral density.

Well-being and mental health

Cholecalciferol is characterized by a strong influence on the mood regulation. Research shows that the low level of this vitamin in the blood increases the risk of depression and disorders associated with well-being. Deficiencies in vitamin D are also associated with deterioration of sleep quality, supplementation with highly concentrated vitamin can effectively solve problems with falling asleep. Better sleep means more energy during the day and more efficient functioning of the whole body. Vitamin D has the ability to modulate calcium channels in neurons. It can also control cell death by excitotoxicity. One can be tempted to say that this vitamin protects the nervous system and can help to preserve mental performance for a long time.

Hormonal activity of vitamin D

The view on this vitamin has changed radically when specific VDR receptors (vitamin D receptors) have been discovered in most cells of the human body. This has thrown a new light on its functionality, because it is indicative of hormonal activity.

Effect on testosterone

Supplementation with cholecalciferol contributes to the increase in testosterone levels in men who previously complained about its low level. It may also result in a decrease in SHBG, or globulin binding sex hormones, which increases the concentration of biologically active free testosterone. What's more, the effect of vitamin D supplementation on the slowdown of androgen decline resulting from the aging of the body was observed, which allows you to enjoy vitality for a long time.

Benefits for athletes
The effect on muscle work translates into better control over the body and stronger activation of muscle fibers to work. Regulation of androgen levels and tissue sensitivity to insulin allows maximizing anabolic processes and optimal use of nutrients. A beneficial effect on the reduction of adipose tissue can also be noted, among others due to elevated adiponectin. Research confirms the effect on the severity of fat burning in people who previously suffered from a deficiency of vitamin D.


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