• Anabolic Crea 10 234g
  • Anabolic Crea 10 234g

Anabolic Crea 10 234g

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Kevin Levrone Anabolic Crea 10 the power of 10 forms of creatine in one pack!

Kevin Levrone Crea 10 a new dietary supplement based on creatine complex especially recommended for athletes. Over10 forms of creatine including: creatine magnesium chelate, creatine malate, creatine hydrochloride, creatine monohydrate, creatine citrate, creatine pyruvate, creatine ethyl ester hydrochloride, creatine AKG, creatine ethyl ester malate, and creatine gluconate. This is one of the most effective keratin stacks for increasing physical performance during short-term, high-intensity exercise.

Kevin Levrone Anabolic Crea 10 is:

  • The power of 10 forms of creatine,
  • Powerful anabolic effects,
  • Comprehensive muscle support,
  • Increase in muscle protein synthesis,
  • Protection against catabolism.

Crea 10 is enriched with ingredients that accelerate muscle building and enhance strength. The formula promotes perfectly the building of lean muscle mass, and a high dose of the best forms of creatine increases strength. The advanced formula recommended for athletes contributes to improved sports performance, promotes recovery, and reduces muscle acidification after prolonged training.

Composition of Kevin Levrone Anabolic Crea 10:

Magnesium Creatine Malate - is a patented molecule of magnesium and creatine in a chelated form. Thanks to this combination, the action of creatine is to be much more effective due to better bioavailability thanks to chelate and through the use of magnesium as a creatine agonist (assistant). As creatine and magnesium play the role of energy buffers, combining these two substances in one seems to be a good solution. Creatine magnesium chelate improves the synthesis of muscle proteins, supports regeneration and accelerates the building of muscle mass.

Tri-Creatine Malate - thanks to its ester bonds between creatine and malate, it is characterized by greater digestibility and bioavailability, thanks to which less creatine is converted into inactive creatinine. Creatine malate, after being transformed into phosphocreatine in the body, takes an active part in the production of a high-energy compound, which is adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP, in turn, is an instant source of energy in short-term efforts lasting up to several seconds. Supplementing the diet with creatine is aimed at increasing the body's energy reserves by increasing the amount of phosphocreatine in the muscle cell. Increasing the body's energy reserves may contribute to increasing the intensity of the training performed, and thus to an increase in its effectiveness in building muscle mass or strength.

Creatine HCL - a compound also known as: creatine hydrochloride, which is a combination of one molecule of creatine with hydrochloride. It is characterized by a high concentration of the lead compound in the molecule, good solubility and unacceptable taste. It is a substance well tolerated by the digestive tract. The effects caused by its use in practice are considered to be one of the best among all easily available forms of creatine on the market. Currently, it is the most popular character among all the innovative creatine combinations available for sale.

Creatine Monohydrate - is an organic chemical compound generated in the metabolic process. It is mainly found in muscle cells. Under the influence of the enzyme (creatine kinase), it transforms into phosphocreatine, which enables faster restoration of ATP (the breakdown of high-energy ATP bonds provides energy for maximum, short-term muscle contractions). Supports protein synthesis, improves the body's exercise capacity.

Creatine Citrate - a combination of creatine molecules and citrate, which effectively increases the bioavailability of creatine and increases its absorption. Citrate itself is a supplement to creatine due to its participation in metabolic changes. Creatine primarily increases the concentration of phosphocreatine in the muscles, which results in an increase in muscle mass and training endurance.

Creatine Pyruvate - creatine pyruvate. Creatine and pyruvic acid are naturally synthesized in the human body and used in particular by the muscles. Thanks to the unique combination, the obtained compound is up to 5 times more effective than each of them separately. The reason for this is the excellent bioavailability and bioavailability of creatine pyruvate. About 95% of the body's creatine resources are found in skeletal muscle cells.

Creatine Alpha Ketoglutarate - creatine alpha-ketoglutarate is an effective combination of creatine with an alpha-ketoglutarate molecule. Its function is to increase the bioavailability of creatine in the human body. AKG creatine not only supports physical exertion, contributing to the growth of muscle mass, but also is beneficial if you care about endurance and strength. It is the most effective agent in terms of anabolism.

Taurine - an amino acid whose particularly high concentrations are noted in intensively developing organisms. It affects cognitive abilities and is often recommended as an effective form of support for learners. It improves mental functions and has a positive effect on the mood. The effectiveness of taurine in this field is so important that it is recommended as one of the means of reducing discomfort caused by excessive alcohol consumption. The increased supply of taurine is also conducive to the efficient energy management of the body. This amino acid acts as a creatine transporter, which stimulates the acquisition of energy from phosphagens, a mechanism that prevails during strength, interval and sprint training.

Betaine Anhydrous - it helps to increase the efficiency of the body and improve the work of the nervous system. An additional advantage associated with the use of betaine is better cell hydration. Like glycine, betaine draws water with it when absorbed into the cell. This results in better hydration of the body and an increase in the feeling of a muscle pump during training. The main intracellular transporter of trimethylglycine in the body is the BGT-1 transporter. In addition, betaine stimulates the production of the vasodilator - nitric oxide. Overall, the ingredient provides better blood supply to the muscles and nourishes them.

Citrulline Malate - participates in the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) and phosphocreatine and the oxygen metabolism of glucose, thereby increasing the uptake of oxygen, glucose, amino acids and creatine and energy production by muscle cells. It reduces the concentration of lactic acid and ammonia in the muscles, allowing the body to recover energy faster by increasing the level of creatine phosphate and re-synthesizing ATP. Citrulline malate is a much more effective form than high doses of arginine, as it is its precursor. At the same dose as arginine, it is more effective in increasing its amount in the body than arginine alone.

L-Arginine - dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation, ensuring the supply of the right amount of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. It takes part in the synthesis of proteins, increases physical endurance, reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, and supports the functioning of the immune system. Alpha-ketoglutarate increases collagen production and improves iron absorption, which can increase bone density and strength.

Fenugreek Extract - herb showing a clear stimulating effect on the growth of free testosterone. The saponins in fenugreek work in two ways. The first is to increase the release of CRH from the hypothalamus, which stimulates the pituitary gland to produce ACTH, which in turn increases the production of androgens in the adrenal cortex. The second way is to directly attach to the same receptors that testosterone attaches to and exert its anabolic androgenic effects. It has a positive effect on the overall level of androgens.

Chromium - is an essential microelement that influences insulin secretion, thus increasing the level of glucose in muscles and blood. It improves the transport of amino acids to cells, stimulates energy transformations. For people who are slimming and using physical exercise, an important property of chromium is its positive effect on reducing the need to reach for something sweet.

Black Pepper Extract - the active ingredient of black pepper, has a thermogenic effect. It can increase the blood supply to the digestive tissues, resulting in better digestibility of food components. It significantly improves the bioavailability of many active ingredients of supplements.

Crea 10 dosage:

1 scoop 2-3 times a day.


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