• Anabolic Mass 7000g
  • Anabolic Mass 7000g

Anabolic Mass 7000g

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Kevin Levrone Anabolic Mass effective muscle building support.

Kevin Levrone Anabolic Mass high quality gainer created based on the best sources of protein in combination with carbohydrates. It provides a complete set of milk proteins, with different absorption times. Carbohydrates replenish glycogen stores, prevent energy loss. The complete gainer formula Anabolic Mass is recommended for all athletes who value high quality, taste, as well as effective performance. The unique combination of proteins allows their gradual release throughout the day.

Kevin Levrone Anabolic Mass is:

  • High-quality protein and carbohydrate nutrient,
  • Advanced composition,
  • Effective action,
  • Supplementation of an athlete's diet,
  • Increase in pure muscle mass.

Anabolic Mass Gainer supports the building of lean muscle mass, increases strength, promotes endurance, and provides an increase in testosterone levels in the body. It can be used as a meal replacement to help increase calorie intake throughout the day. The gainer contains fast-absorbing and pure forms of amino acids, creatine, as well as other active ingredients to create an ideal blend for muscle growth and development.

Anabolic Mass ingredients:

Whey Protein Concentrate - whey protein concentrate is characterized by an exceptionally high biological value and excellent digestibility, it is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract in just a few minutes, has a wide amino acid profile, high biological value, rich in alpha-lactalbumin - reducing stress, preventing cancer and diseases cardiology, lactoferrin - that is, perfectly digestible iron and lactoperoxidase, a bacterial killer.

Isolac Whey Protein Isolate - this raw material is considered the most perfect and the most valuable source of protein used in supplementing a sports diet. It provides the highest quality, quickly absorbed building ingredients that stimulate the growth and regeneration of muscle fibers. Whey protein isolate is characterized by an exemplary content of the most important amino acids with anabolic effect and active micro-peptides. The use of a unique production technology allows for a record-high protein concentration and the highest degree of purity. As a result, this protein is practically completely free from undesirable components that could reduce its nutritional value.

Optipep Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate - the patented hydrolyzate has the highest protein content, even up to 100%. The absorption time is 15-60 minutes. Supplementation with WPH can increase insulin levels, increasing the transport of nutrients to muscle cells. The low content of lactose and fat facilitates the use of the product by people with digestive problems. The purest form of hydrolyzed whey protein, providing a high portion of protein with minimal calories.

Hydrolyzed Casein PeptoPro - a patented formula of hydrolyzed casein provides the muscles with all the necessary amino acids for many hours, including large amounts of BCAA and L-Glutamine. Casein can suppress muscle catabolism even during long breaks between meals, or it can be used as a substrate for nocturnal protein synthesis during the action of anabolic hormones, the peak activity of which is observed during sleep. By using the supplement in your daily diet, especially after afternoon or evening training, you can achieve strong stimulation of muscle synthesis.

Maltodextrin - polysaccharide composed mainly of glucose. Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate. It is very easily digestible and is quickly digested in the human digestive tract. It is an easy and quick source of energy.

Taurine - affects digestive processes, helps maintain a healthy circulatory system, balances blood pressure, removes toxins, promotes mental functions, and prevents cell aging. It is especially beneficial for bodybuilders by improving muscle performance, increasing vascularity and stimulating the growth of muscle mass. Due to its anti-catabolic effect, it prevents muscle wear during training.

D-aspartic acid - a substance that occurs naturally in the human body and belongs to the group of endogenous amino acids. DAA increases testosterone production. Additionally, the use of DAA improves memory and cognitive function. The compound increases the secretion of dopamine, which is an important neurotransmitter responsible for high levels of energy and motivation to act.

Ca HMB - short-chain fatty acid is formed from the amino acid (L-Leucine) after each intense exercise or as a result of prolonged stress. HMB inhibits catabolic processes and stimulates the absorption of energy from fat. This ingredient simultaneously reduces the degradation of muscle proteins and increases fat burning.

Creatine Monohydrate - is an organic chemical compound generated in the process of metabolism. It is mainly found in muscle cells. Under the influence of the enzyme (creatine kinase), it transforms into phosphocreatine, which enables faster restoration of ATP (the breakdown of high-energy ATP bonds provides energy for maximum, short-term muscle contractions). Supports protein synthesis, improves the body's exercise capacity.

L-Arginine - dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation, ensuring the supply of the right amount of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. It takes part in the synthesis of proteins, increases physical endurance, reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, and supports the functioning of the immune system. Alpha-ketoglutarate increases collagen production and improves iron absorption, which can increase bone density and strength.

L-Ornithine - ornithine is an intermediate amino acid in the urea cycle - similar to arginine and citrulline. Perhaps due to its effect on reducing ammonia in the body, ornithine reduced the feeling of fatigue by 52% after a long-term endurance test

Fenugreek extract - saponins contained in fenugreek work in two ways. The first is to increase the release of CRH from the hypothalamus, which stimulates the pituitary gland to produce ACTH, which in turn increases the production of androgens in the adrenal cortex. The second way is to directly attach to the same receptors that testosterone attaches to and exert its anabolic androgenic effects. It has a positive effect on the overall level of androgens. Fenugreek stimulates the production of red blood cells, increases the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, increases nitrogen retention in the body, stimulates protein synthesis, thus stimulating myogenesis (development of muscle tissue), growth of cartilage, bone and proper connective tissue.

Kevin Levrone Anabolic Mass dosage:

Mix 2 scoops of powder (100 g) with 200 ml of water or skim milk. Consume 1 serving 3 times a day - immediately after training and twice between meals. On non-training days, consume 1 serving between meals.

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