• Apollon Nutrition R-600 30 caps
  • Apollon Nutrition R-600 30 caps

Apollon Nutrition R-600 30 caps

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Apollon Nutrition R-600 30 caps caffeine in capsules

Apollno Nutrition R-600 60 caps caffeine in capsules, is a unique combination of three different forms of caffeine, which has a different duration of action. The supplement provides a powerful 600 mg dose of caffeine that works quickly and for a long time. The supplement uses creatine citrate, which is quickly absorbed and makes us feel a significant surge of energy after just a few minutes. Two forms, such as anhydrous caffeine and di-caffeine malate, are designed to maintain the effect of strong stimulation and extend it over time. Apollon Nutrition R-600 is intended for all people who need a strong injection of energy that is safe and long-lasting.

Apollno Nutrition R-600 is:

  • The combination of 3 forms of caffeine,
  • Fast action,
  • Extended operating time up to several hours,
  • High caffeine content per serving,
  • 600 mg of pure caffeine,
  • Nootropic action,
  • Eliminates the feeling of fatigue,
  • Supports concentration,
  • Increases muscle performance.

What is the advantage of Apollon R-600 over other caffeines?

Above all, the R-600 has a comprehensive performance. The manufacturer has used three different forms of caffeine here, which have a separate effect:

Its task is to quickly stimulate the body to get rid of temporary fatigue. It is a typical "kickstart" substance that will motivate us to act.

Classic caffeine begins to be metabolized about 30-40 minutes after taking it. It will start working when the caffeine citrate slowly weakens. The substance will therefore act when it is needed.

The third form is to significantly extend the stimulation effect. Caffeine malate absorption is the longest. The body slowly absorbs caffeine in this form, but also its stimulation is prolonged and slowly decreases, which gives us a long stimulation effect.

Caffeine in capsules R-600 Composition:

1 portion of the supplement, 1 capsule:

Anhydrous caffeine - 350 mg - pure 100% caffeine, which has a strong supportive effect on the nervous system. Caffeine is the most commonly used stimulant supplement due to its safety. On the subject of caffeine, we can find numerous scientific studies that confirm its effectiveness. The substance has a number of properties for our body, and the most popular one is stimulating the nervous system by blocking adenosine receptors in the brain. It reduces fatigue, supports the production of neurotransmitters, and has a nootropic effect. It helps in concentration and improves thought processes. In addition, caffeine has a thermogenic effect, accelerates the oxidation of fats, which is also an element that supports a high level of energy.

Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate - 200 mg - n 200 mg has 150 mg of pure caffeine and 50 mg of malic acid. Its action allows the body to slowly metabolize caffeine, which slowly increases the arousal. What's more, the decrease in arousal is also gradual, which prevents the negative effect of the so-called "Descents". This supplement perfectly complements the R-600 blend to keep you aroused for a longer period of time. In addition, caffeine in this form has all the same properties as classic anhydrous caffeine.

Caffeine citrate - 200 mg - the third form of caffeine, used in Apollon R-600, is designed to work very quickly. The caffeine citrate molecule is a combination of 50/50% caffeine with citric acid. So we get a dose of 100 pure caffeine with fast action. The molecule makes the body very easily dissolve caffeine in this form and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The supplement is designed to awaken our nervous system and prepare it for action before the next component of R-600 begins to be absorbed.

Caffeine in capsules R-600 Dosage:

1 capsule 20 minutes before activity or in the morning instead of coffee.

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