• AXE & SLEDGE GDA+ 90 caps
  • AXE & SLEDGE GDA+ 90 caps

AXE & SLEDGE GDA+ 90 caps

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AX & SLEDGE GDA+ 90 caps insulin booster

AX & SLEDGE GDA+ 90 caps insulin booster is a comprehensive complex that supports the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fat - and in particular improves the transport of glucose to muscle cells. GDA is designed to transport glucose to the muscles and improve insulin sensitivity.

Why is optimal insulin level important?

Insulin is the hormone that the pancreas sees when glucose levels rise (e.g. after a meal). Glucose (not used as fuel) is stored as glycogen in the liver, muscles or is converted into fat. In the future, glycogen can be used as a fuel and energy source, but glucose can also build adipose tissue (it can be stored as fat). That is why the work done by insulin and its control is so important.

How does AX & SLEDGE GDA+ 90 caps insulin booster work?

For this purpose, AX & SLEDGE GDA+ was created, which blocks the storage of glucose in the form of fat, and at the same time optimizes the absorption of nutrients. It is an extremely versatile supplement that is dedicated both to reduction, in a caloric deficit to improve the composition and quality of the body by losing body fat (by increasing insulin sensitivity), and in the case of building muscle mass - maintaining the optimal level of body fat and during the consumption of cheated meals, the so-called . cheat meals - where then it directs nutrients to the muscles, without depositing them in fat tissue. It provides the feeling of a muscle pump and supports the body's performance during supplementation with high-carbohydrate and high-fat meals.

The complex contains three basic matrices:

  • Fat blocking complex
  • Carbohydrate blocking complex
  • A mix of enzymes

AX & SLEDGE GDA+ 90 caps insulin booster composition:

LipoSan Ultra® Chitosan - a patented fiber supplement made by the Icelandic company Primex. Its main ingredient is chitosan, a unique fiber found in shrimp shells that promotes weight loss by binding to fat in the digestive tract, preventing it from being fully absorbed. This effect can also help maintain a healthy blood cholesterol level. Unlike general chitosan preparations, LipoSan Ultra dissolves in the stomach in minutes, is optimized to improve chitosan solubility and activity, increasing its fat binding by up to 5 times, is supported by a clinical study showing significant weight loss in women.

DigeSEB ™ - Proprietary blend of digestive enzymes. Supports the digestion of food, from legumes, milk, soybeans, grains to meat. It helps to break down carbohydrates, fats, proteins and dairy products into nutrients that the body can use to provide energy and rebuild tissues. In addition, it is effective over the entire pH range (3 to 9) in the digestive tract.  

GS4 PLUS® - the standardized form of Gymnema Sylvestre. Gymnema Sylvestre, also known as "Miracle Fruit", is a grapevine that grows in tropical areas of South Asia, Africa and Australia. The leaves of this plant are considered a miracle because they contain gymnemic acids, a compound that suppresses the taste of sweets without inhibiting any other flavors. Controls blood sugar levels, weight loss, improves the functioning of the digestive tract, has antioxidant and antiatherosclerotic properties. Gymnemic acids in GS4 Plus work in several different ways to ensure that your blood sugar is properly regulated. Recent research suggests that gymnemic acid delays the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream.

Due to the molecular system of gymnemic acid and its similarity to glucose molecules, it fills the receptors on the taste buds to stop absorption in the initial area of ​​carbohydrate breakdown and absorption (oral cavity). In a similar way, the same process also takes place in the outer layers of the small intestine, where glucose can also be absorbed into the bloodstream. The second key biological factor that allows GS4 Plus to regulate glucose is pancreatic stimulation. Clinical studies have shown that GS4 stimulates the pancreas and thus increases insulin release. This will only increase the insulin response in the body and allow more glucose to be transported to muscles, organs and cells. What's more, a 2014 study found that gymnemic acid can prevent the build-up of triglycerides in the muscles and liver, while reducing the build-up of fatty acids in the blood (reduces the risk of strokes). Overall, GS4 Plus has the ability to reduce triglyceride storage and build-up in arteries, and is known to lower serum cholesterol levels. Thus, it has a cardioportive effect.

• Bioperine® - a standardized form of black pepper fruit extract. It supports the immune system, has an analgesic effect and supports digestion. Considered an effective measure in the fight against unnecessary kilograms, as it supports lipolysis and thermogenesis of the body. In addition, when used in the above complex, it increases the bioavailability of the preparation.  

And others:

Prickly Pear Leaf - (cactus) with a fairly wide range of applications. Research on the prickly pear cactus has shown that it can help lower cholesterol in people with high blood pressure. A French study published in 2007 was conducted to investigate the effects of dried cactus leaves on 68 participants with metabolic syndrome. After four weeks of treatment with cactus leaf extract, patients experienced a reduction in triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels. Moreover, HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) has increased. This marked improvement in cholesterol levels is vitally important to your overall health, and heart health in particular. Moreover, it supports weight loss due to its fiber content. Supplements made with the prickly pear cactus can also help with weight loss as they act as a diuretic. An animal study published in 2010 found that a certain brand of cactus supplement administered to rats caused them to lose significant weight compared to the control group. The weight loss observed in the rats given the cactus extract was comparable to the other group of rats given the common prescription diuretic. The researchers also noted that the extract exerted an antioxidant effect.

Cinnamon Bark Extract - It helps treat conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhea, parasite and worm infections, flu, colds and high blood sugar. It can soothe menstrual cramps and increase or stimulate the appetite while reducing gas. Cinnamon bark contains tannins, an organic substance common in many tree bark. Tannins are especially useful in medicine for their astringent properties to heal wounds as well as their ability to help prevent diarrhea. They can also be a preferred anti-inflammatory agent. There is research to suggest that using cinnamon bark extract as a supplement may help lower blood sugar as well as increase the body's sensitivity to insulin. By reducing insulin resistance in the body, insulin is able to properly transport glucose into the body's cells. Cinnamon has the ability to lower the amount of glucose that enters the bloodstream after you eat it. It does this by inhibiting certain digestive enzymes, which then gives the body more time to break down carbohydrates. Since cinnamon slows the absorption of carbohydrates, it causes a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time. In addition, cinnamon contains a compound known as hydroxychalcone, which has the ability to mimic insulin. Although it works more slowly than insulin, hydroxychalcone can still increase the glucose uptake by the body's cells. Among the many compounds that make up cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde can be distinguished - which is able to fight various fungal infections, while inhibiting the growth of some bacteria. The antifungal and antibacterial properties found in cinnamic aldehyde also allow for antimicrobial benefits in relation to tooth decay and bad breath. Cinnamon contains a high level of polyphenol antioxidants, thanks to which it has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

White Kidney Bean - or cannellini beans are native to Mexico and Central America and have been an important food plant for millennia. It is an excellent source of vegetarian protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Kidney beans are primarily starch that is slow to digest. This causes the blood sugar level to rise gradually, not the spike. One of the negative effects of a spike in blood sugar is that the body sends a signal to store some of its energy as body fat. Foods that contain carbohydrates that digest slowly, such as white beans, have the opposite effect. In addition, the primary bioactive compound in white beans is phaseolamine. It serves as a precursor to an enzyme in the body called alpha-amylase inhibitor. In plain English, this means that white beans contain an essential ingredient that is used in important chemical reactions in the body.  

Garcinia Cambogia - is a small pumpkin-looking fruit that belongs to a species of similar fruit called Garcinia. However, Garcinia Cambogia is not actually its current scientific name, but rather the previous one that has since been replaced by Garcinia gummi-gutta. Most importantly, Garcinia Cambogia has a compound known as Hydroxycitric Acid (or HCA for short), which has the unique property of preventing the storage of food we eat, especially carbohydrates in the form of fat. This is a big benefit as the vast majority of people gain weight from consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrate and not fat as you might think. By inhibiting enzymes that facilitate the conversion of glucose into fat and its subsequent storage, the ability to lose weight is enormous. The glucose then either takes a separate conversion pathway and is converted to glycogen or remains as glucose where it is used as available energy when needed. In addition, Garcinia Cambogia helps reduce depression, has a positive effect on cholesterol levels, supports the treatment of stomach ulcers and improves blood flow.

Glucomannan - is a substance extracted from the root of the konjac plant (Amorphophallus konjac) originating in Asia. As a soluble fiber, glucomannan works by building up fecal matter in the gut. Not only does this help relieve constipation, it can also slow down the absorption of sugar and cholesterol from the gut. Glucomannan can help keep cholesterol levels under control, suggested a 2008 study review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Based on a review of 14 clinical trials, glucomannan appears to lower total cholesterol and "bad" low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. A 2005 review of research published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine found that glucomannan supplements, when taken in doses of 2 to 4 grams per day, increase weight loss in overweight or obese adults. The loss was mainly attributed to feeling full after eating certain foods. In addition, taking glucomannan supplements before a meal may provide a temporary drop in blood glucose.          

AXE & SLEDGE GDA+ 90 caps insulin booster dosage:

It depends on the amount of fats and carbohydrates consumed. Below is an example of supplementation showing how much GDA + you should take based on the amount of calories consumed (grams of macronutrients). Dosage 20-30 minutes before meals.


CARBOHYDRATES PER MEAL: 65-84 GRAMS (260-336 CALORIES) + FATS PER MEAL 16-24 GRAMS (145-216 CALORIES) - 3 capsules


Warning: supplementation should be consulted with a doctor if any medical conditions are noted. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation. Keep out of the reach of children, in a tightly closed container, in a cool, dry and dark place.

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