• Beta Alanine Carnogen 300g
  • Beta Alanine Carnogen 300g

Beta Alanine Carnogen 300g

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Genius Nutrition Beta Alanine Carnogen 300g for muscle endurance

Beta-Alanine Carnogen 300 g is a modern form of beta-alanine with a very strong effect. Gain incredible muscle performance and endurance. Beta-Alanine Carnogen 300 g is a patented form of beta-alanine in the form of Carnogen. The supplement is recommended for athletes, it provides immediate results in the form of increased endurance, strength, and exercise capacity during high-intensity training. The supplement has a much stronger effect than classical beta-alanine, which is confirmed by people in training.

Effects of Beta-Alanine Carnogen:

  • Significant increase in muscle endurance,
  • Fast effect,
  • High-quality beta-alanine,
  • Significant increase in performance,
  • Builds strength,
  • Increases workout potential,
  • Increases training intensity,
  • Helps increase muscle mass.

What is beta-alanine?

Carnogen beta-alanine is an amino acid that combines with the amino acid histidine when it enters the body. Histidine comes from high-protein food sources and is made in the body. The result of the combination of these two amino acids is carnosine. The main role of carnosine is to buffer hydrogen ions in the muscles, effectively preventing a drop in muscle pH and muscle acidification. Muscle acidification leads to muscle fatigue and causes pain. The supplement perfectly counteracts this phenomenon. While beta-alanine itself does not build muscle, its action undoubtedly provides a much better stimulus to build muscle.

High-quality, pure beta-alanine is particularly helpful in intensive and short-term workouts such as weightlifting. The use of beta-alanine can cause a slight tingling sensation known as paresthesia. Tingling is quite normal and occurs because beta-alanine dilates blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and blood to reach the muscles.

Discover the unique benefits of Carnogen

  • 100% patented Carnogen formula
  • Maximizes muscle pump, strength, and endurance
  • Reduces feelings of fatigue
  • Is responsible for normal energy metabolism
  • Increases red blood cell production

The product is recommended for daily use. It is dedicated to recreational and competitive athletes from all sports disciplines. Carnogen will be most appreciated by people training in endurance, strength, and power sports, where high physical performance maintained for a longer period and with high training frequency is required.


1 serving, 2.5 g

Beta-alanine CARNOGEN - 2463 mg - is a patented form of pharmaceutical-grade beta-alanine, which shows very strong effects in supporting muscle endurance. The supplement is manufactured by a Belgian company according to NanoPure principles, which guarantees the high quality of the supplement. Beta-alanine is a very powerful supplement that is excellent for building muscle endurance. The main mechanism is based on its ability to stimulate the accumulation of carnosine. This action effectively delays the occurrence of lactic acid, as well as accelerates the transport of hydrogen ions. This allows you to train longer, and also effectively reduces the time of rest between sets, allowing you to train more intensively.

Dosage of Carnogen beta-alanine:

1 serving, 2.5 g before training.


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