• Digestion Optimizer 135 caps
  • Digestion Optimizer 135 caps

Digestion Optimizer 135 caps

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The Genius Brand Digestion Optimizer 135 caps digestion supplement

The Genius Brand Digestion Optimizer a unique supplement to support digestive functions. It provides enhanced mental performance and high energy levels throughout the day. It is a combination of high-quality digestive enzymes with patented forms of ginger root, prebiotic fiber (green kiwifruit), which effectively alleviates digestive problems and supports pancreatic function.

The Genius Brand Digestion Optimizer is:

  • Digestion support,
  • Counteracts bloating,
  • Improves nutrient utilization,
  • Supports protein absorption.

The Genius Brand Digestion Optimizer 135 caps composition:

DigeZyme - digestive enzymes that are involved in breaking down macromolecules into smaller elements to facilitate absorption in the body. Digezyme contains the enzymes: amylase, lactase, lipase, protease and cellulase. It helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system, accelerating digestion, increasing protein synthesis. The addition of an ingredient to protein allows for greater use of nutrients and affects the regeneration of the body after intense training.

Gingever - the patented formula uses supercritical CO2 extraction technology to concentrate natural active ginger compounds without the use of hazardous solvents, without damaging the environment. The low process temperature allows the extraction of most ginger compounds. Is a source of exceptional polyphenols in the most similar amount to that in the roots. Supports the proper functioning of the digestive tract, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effects. In addition, it provides excellent support for the immune system.

Actazin - contains actidinidine, which is an enzyme derived from kiwi. Supports the digestive system by helping to break down some proteins and soothe digestive problems. Whole kiwi fruit is gently processed, carefully dried and ground into a fine powder to obtain Actazin. Daily intake of Actazin® effectively improves digestive functions by affecting the growth of good bacteria and supports the balance of intestinal microflora.

Bromelain- is a proteolytic enzyme that helps in the digestion of protein, recommended for use by bodybuilders due to the high intake of amino acids.

Lipase - a group of hydrolytic enzymes responsible for the breakdown of fatty acid esters into monoacylglycerol and free fatty acids, which are absorbed in the intestine, constituting substrates for metabolic reactions taking place in the body. Lipase is also successfully used in the treatment of fat diarrhea.

Betaine HCL - betaine hydrochloride provides exactly the same acid that is produced in the stomach, i.e. hydrochloric acid (HCl, pH 1-2), and thus acidifies the environment in the stomach - it lowers the pH. Hydrochloric acid has many functions in the body, including is responsible for the denaturation of proteins, preparing them for digestion, destroys microbes entering the stomach with food and activates enzymes and ensures the right reaction of the environment in which they operate. Inactive pepsinogen in the presence of hydrochloric acid turns into the active enzyme - pepsin, which begins the process of digesting proteins. Strongly acidic environment creates optimal conditions for the action of pepsin (pH = 2), which breaks down complex proteins into polypeptides and oligopeptides, which are further divided in the duodenum and small intestine until the final products - amino acids are obtained. In addition, the presence in the duodenum of gastric acidic soda from the stomach stimulates the secretion of pancreatic juice, intestinal juice and bile, which also has a positive effect on the digestive process.

Pepsin - a proteolytic enzyme of gastric juice, resulting from pepsinogen produced in the gastric mucosa. This reaction only occurs in an acidic environment. Pepsin is responsible for the initial stage of protein digestion, i.e. breaking them down into smaller molecules - polypeptides and oligopeptides, which are later broken down into individual amino acids. Lack of sufficient enzyme leads to disruption of the protein digestion process. Pepsin supplementation not only leads to the correct amount of this component, but also directly stimulates the process of converting endogenous pepsinogen into pepsin.

GutGard - a patented flavonoid-rich composition supporting intestinal health derived from Glycyrrhiza glabra- licorice. GutGard® can be combined with probiotics to improve intestinal health in general. GutGard® licorice root extract with glycyrrhizinic acid has anti-ulcer effect. Studies show that the use of licorice root extract significantly increases the concentration of secretin and the production of pancreatic bicarbonate supporting pancreatic secretion.


3 capsules before a meal.

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