• Enzyfuse 90 caps
  • Enzyfuse 90 caps

Enzyfuse 90 caps

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Genius Nutrition Enzyfuse 90 caps digestive enzymes

Genius Nutrition EnzyFuse is a carefully developed blend of natural digestive enzymes: amylase, protease, lactase, lipase and cellulase. It improves the absorption of the most important nutrients. The advanced formula transforms complex food products into amino acids, fatty acids, cholesterol, simple sugars, gluten, fiber and nucleic acids.

Genius Nutrition Enzyfuse 90 caps digestive enzymes how do they work?

The comprehensive EnzyFuse formula perfectly complements enzyme deficiencies that occur with age or exposure to unfavorable environmental factors, and is an ideal solution for people who feel discomfort after eating a meal. Also recommended for athletes who consume large amounts of protein.

Genius Nutrition's digestive enzymes are exceptionally effective and are considered one of the best formulas available on the market. Digestive enzymes in easy-to-swallow tablets ensure the proper functioning of the digestive system, allowing you to get rid of unpleasant digestive problems.

Genius Nutrition Enzyfuse 90 caps digestive enzymes composition:

Amylase - a group of hydrolytic enzymes present in saliva and pancreatic juice that catalyze the starch decomposition reaction. As a result of the hydrolysis of the α-1,4-glycosidic bonds present in starch, the corresponding trioses and disaccharides are formed. Thus, amylase facilitates the digestion of starchy foods - incl. grains of cereals and legumes. Protease - enzymes that break peptide bonds in proteins, conditioning their digestion. Due to the position of the hydrolyzed link in the peptide chain, endo- and exopeptidases are distinguished. Amino acids resulting from the breakdown of proteins participate in many important biochemical reactions in the body, being, inter alia, building material of connective tissue and substrates for the synthesis of neurotransmitters, hormones and enzymes. Proteases and peptidases can speed up digestion and reduce unwanted reactions to gluten, casein and animal protein.

Fungal Lactase - fungal lactase is an enzyme derived from the fungus Aspergillus oryza. Hydrolyses lactose to galactose and glucose, helping in the digestion of dairy products. Mushroom lactase helps in the proper digestion of lactose and supports the functioning of the digestive system. The enzyme is active at a low pH (3.5-5.5), making it particularly effective at digestion. Studies have shown that supplements with the addition of mushroom lactase may be useful in digestive ailments.

Lipase - a group of hydrolytic enzymes responsible for the breakdown of fatty acid esters into monoacylglycerol and free fatty acids, which are absorbed in the intestines, constituting substrates for metabolic reactions in the body. Moreover, lipase is successfully used in the treatment of fatty diarrhea.

Cellulase - is a group of enzymes that break down cellulose. They partially hydrolyze the walls of plant cells, thus increasing their digestibility and nutritional value. Cellulase helps to release the nutrients in the fiber in vegetables and fruits.

Digestive enzyme dosage:

1 tablet daily.

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