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Dedicated Nutrition Epic 488g creatine stack

Dedicated Nutrition Epic 488g creatine stack is a supplement that supports the building of muscle mass, ensures an increase in training endurance, and increases the concentration of nitric oxide NO. The preparation allows you to achieve a significant muscle pump, accelerates regeneration and has antioxidant properties. The innovative ElevATP® formula - a natural combination of peat and apple polyphenols, increases the level of endogenous ATP, supports the performance of athletes, and in combination with creatine creates an effective preparation ensuring solid increases in muscle mass. ElevATP® naturally helps produce your own ATP.

Dedicated Nutrition Epic 488g is:

  • Creatine stack,
  • Builds quality muscle mass,
  • Supports the increase of strength,
  • Accelerates regeneration,
  • Increases the production of nitric oxide

Dedicated Nutrition Epic 488g creatine stack composition:

Creatine Monohydrate - a hydrated form of creatine, a non-protein compound naturally synthesized in the human body due to the methylation of glycocyamine. It enables the storage and transport of phosphate groups necessary for the production of high-energy compounds, including adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP), ensuring the supply of energy to working and regenerating muscles. It supports the accumulation of glycogen. Increases the storage of water, the presence of which is required for the course of numerous biochemical reactions. It has antioxidant properties that reduce oxidative stress caused by excessive training intensity.

Beta Alanine - the main function of this amino acid is not to increase the volume of muscle cells, but to increase the level of carnosine in the muscles. Effect? Both during aerobic and anaerobic efforts, the process of acidifying skeletal muscles is significantly slowed down. In practice, this translates into heavier, more intense and more effective training. Both endurance as well as muscular strength are growing.

L-Citrulline - participates in the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) and phosphocreatine and oxygen metabolism of glucose, thereby increasing the uptake of oxygen, glucose, amino acids and creatine and energy production through muscle cells. It reduces the concentration of lactic acid and ammonia in the muscles, allowing the body to recover energy faster by increasing the level of creatine phosphate and resynthesis ATP.

Taurine - affects the digestive processes, helps in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, evens out blood pressure, removes toxins, promotes mental functions, prevents the aging of cells. It is particularly effective for bodybuilders, improving muscle performance, increasing vascularity, and stimulating muscle growth. Due to the anti-catabolic effect, it prevents the use of muscles during training. The human body naturally produces the amino acids necessary for many vital functions of the body. Taurine is naturally produced by the organism, it also comes from meat and seafood. It is a key precursor to the proper growth of muscle mass and improves muscle endurance during exercise.

Cherry Extract Tart - Cherry extract contains strong antioxidants, such as anthocyanins and cyanidin. Studies show that it has unique antioxidant properties even more effective than vitamin E. Athletes who consumed cherry extracts before long-distance running experienced less pain after exercise than those who did not use the supplement. Thanks to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, cherries have a protective effect preventing muscle damage and pain during physical exertion.

Cinammon Extract - cinnamon extract contains water-soluble polyphenol, has an insulin-like effect. Thus, it increases the transport of nutrients to muscle cells, supporting their work and accelerating regeneration. In addition, cinnamon helps lower cholesterol and fights free radicals.

ElevATP - a patented substance that increases the production of Adenosine-5'-triphosphate in the body. ATP is a universal energy carrier. High energy bonds allow for the release of energy during their decay. ATP plays an extremely important role in strength training. During the decrease of the ATP playback performance, there is a decrease in the training possibilities. The relationship can not be stored due to its properties, so it is worth to prepare the body for physical exercise. It is a good idea to supplement muscle glycogen by providing the right amount of carbohydrates as well as supplying the substance in the form of a supplement.

Astragin - a patented blend of bark extracts of phagostatic tragacryum and false ginseng. In supplementation it is used because of the ability to increase the absorption of other active ingredients. In addition, it can also promote insulin sensitivity, favorably affecting the metabolism of carbohydrates. In addition, it can show adaptogenic efficiency, increasing the body's tolerance to stress factors.

Dedicated Nutrition Epic 488g creatine stack dosage:

Mix 1 scoop in 250 ml of cold water and drink 15 minutes before breakfast. Mix the second scoop with 250 ml of cold water and drink 30 minutes before dinner.

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