• Food Based Women's Multi 60 caps
  • Food Based Women's Multi 60 caps

Food Based Women's Multi 60 caps

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Haya Food Based Women's Multi high-quality vitamins for women

Food Based Women's Multi is a multivitamin formula created with women in mind, containing essential vitamins and as many as five complex mixtures: antioxidant, enzyme, skin and hair, green superfood, and probiotic. It helps to supplement all necessary vitamins and minerals, takes care of the look of skin, hair and nails, and thanks to the probiotic bacteria present in the product, it supports immunity and facilitates digestion.

The supplement perfectly influences the regulation of hormonal economy and is also recommended for women during menopause. The composition of the supplement alleviates the negative effects of menopause and improves the feeling of well-being during PMS.

Haya Food Based Women's Multi is:

  • Rich and comprehensive composition,
  • Supplementation of all vitamins essential for the body,
  • High dose of minerals,
  • Immune enhancement,
  • Improves the appearance of skin and nails,
  • Prevents hair loss,
  • Support for the endocrine system,
  • Added probiotics,
  • Improved well-being.

Food Based Women's Multi 60 caps ingredients:

1 serving, 2 capsules:

Vitamin A - 5000 IU - The addition of vitamin A will take excellent care of your skin and your eyes. Vitamin A is used to keep the skin moisturized, which reduces the peeling process and prevents it from feeling rough. The addition of vitamin A is also essential for healthy nails, preventing them from becoming brittle or splitting. Vitamin A protects the macula of the eye, aiding vision after dark.

Vitamin C - 300 mg - is a key vitamin for maintaining impeccable skin appearance. Vitamin C is responsible for the collagen synthesis process, so optimal levels in the diet have a strong anti-aging effect. Vitamin C is also a very strong antioxidant. It has a significant impact on reducing the activity of oxidation processes, which additionally protects cells from dying. Vitamin C is also responsible for absorption of iron, which is important for women and menstruation.

Vitamin E - 50 IU - a powerful antioxidant that perfectly deals with oxidative stress in the female body. What is more, vitamin E has a strong regenerative effect. It supports the treatment of infections, acts anti-inflammatory, regulates cholesterol levels. It is also an essential supplement that protects the heart and nervous system.

Vitamin D - 400 IU - is especially important during menopause, where many women begin to have problems with the skeletal system, as a result of lowered estrogen levels. Vitamin D3 is responsible for the accumulation of calcium in the body, strengthens bone density, which effectively strengthens the skeleton. Moreover, vitamin D3 guards your immunity.

Vitamin B1 - 50 mg - is responsible for good condition of the skin and mucous membranes. Its main action is focused on supporting the activity of the nervous system and it has an excellent effect on the work of the heart and the whole circulatory system. Thiamine also has a slight antioxidant effect, which will, among other things, protect cells and strengthen immunity.

Vitamin B2 - 50 mg - deficiencies of riboflavin in our diet can be noticed by, among others, cracked corners of lips, or inflammation of the skin and other problems, such as excessive peeling of the epidermis. Vitamin B2 is also active in the workings of metabolism by producing insulin. Interestingly, vitamin B2 has a significant effect on mood, eliminating fatigue and tiredness.

Vitamin B3 - 50 mg - nicotinamide - nicotinamide has a strong effect on the formation of two coenzymes as NAD and NADP, which are directly involved in cellular respiration processes. Vitamin B3 is particularly important for all protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. In sports supplementation, it is known for its cholesterol-lowering properties, regulating LDL lipoprotein, but also mediates the formation of ATP.

Vitamin B5 - 50 mg - or pantothenic acid, is a particularly important vitamin for female beauty. Pantothenic acid has a strong regenerative effect. It influences the quality of hair and skin. It is responsible for skin pigmentation, reduces hair loss, takes care of the right level of hydration and the peeling process. Significant deficiencies can be felt by numbness of the toes.

Vitamin B6 - 30 mg - one of the key vitamins for the functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B6 is responsible for the work of almost 100 enzymes, which gives it a wide importance for the work of the entire body. It is very important for the work of metabolism. It is responsible for the metabolism of fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and individual amino acids.

Vitamin B12 - 250 mcg - in the form of methylcobalamin is a particularly important vitamin for the functioning of the body. The methylated form of vitamin B12 is especially recommended for people who have problems with methylation processes in the body. It is invaluable for the nervous system. It takes care of the correct level of serotonin and supports good mood. It influences cognitive processes e.g. through participation in choline synthesis.

Folic Acid - 600 mcg - Folic acid is an essential element of the nervous system. Its action effectively supports concentration and attention. Moreover, it is particularly important for correct synthesis of DNA, regulation of homocysteine level, takes care of functions connected with fertility, prevents anaemia.

Biotin - 600 mcg - Biotin is known for its special properties supporting the beauty section. All thanks to its influence on keratin synthesis, but not only. Biotin has a strong influence on cell divisions within hair, skin and nails, which will effectively stimulate their structures to fast and healthy growth. An interesting property of biotin is its effect on regulating sebaceous glands.

Potassium - 20 mg - potassium belongs to the group of electrolytic minerals. In the human body, it takes part in regulating heart function and is responsible for cell hydration. Potassium also has properties that influence protein synthesis, regulate nervous tension and the flow of nerve impulses, and takes part in regulating water and electrolyte balance.

Calcium - 150 mg - is an essential mineral responsible for building bones, teeth and connective tissues. It also belongs to the electrolytic minerals. Adequate levels of calcium in the body will be responsible for reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Magnesium - 25 mg - is an essential mineral that is responsible for the function of the nervous system. Magnesium deficiencies are associated with involuntary muscle spasms, excessive nervous tension, or irritability and malaise. Furthermore, optimal calcium levels will keep brain function high.

Zinc - 15 mg - Zinc is an element that has a very broad impact on the functioning of the entire body. Its optimal amount in the diet will keep the skin looking good. It counteracts acne lesions as well as helps to treat existing ones. Zinc is also necessary for optimal absorption of vitamin A.

Copper - 2 mg - copper has a broad effect on many enzymes, is responsible, among others, for the assimilation of iron (together with iron it is responsible for the formation of red blood cells), affects the work of metabolism, synthesizes neurotransmitters, as well as has an effect regulating the expression of genes.

Molybdenum - 75 mg - molybdenum is a trace element, but it is necessary for the functioning of the human body. It is responsible for production of enzymes, which in turn allow absorption of fats and carbohydrates. It influences energy production in the body

Manganese - 2 mg - manganese has mainly the function of supporting metabolism. It is responsible for absorption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but it also influences cholesterol synthesis. Manganese is also important for bone density and is responsible for prevention of osteoporosis.

Selenium - 70 mcg - selenium has mainly antioxidant properties. It protects cells from damage by protecting them from free radicals. Many people benefit from an additional supply of selenium when they want to support thyroid function and improve metabolism.

Chromium - 120 mcg - is a very important mineral responsible for body weight control and proper metabolic function. It influences insulin sensitivity of tissues and work of pancreas. This essential component plays a key role in weight loss and cardiovascular health. Studies show that chromium contributes to a reduction in body fat as well as an increase in lean body mass.

Iodine - 150 mcg - Iodine is primarily an element that is responsible for the functioning of the thyroid gland as well as maintaining its normal structure. Iodine is essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones such as triiodothyronine and thyroxine. It will thus indirectly affect the metabolism.

Green Tea extract - 50 mg - Green tea extract provides a high dose of antioxidants, but also helps to control hydration levels. Green tea extract will also support the maintenance of a slim figure.

Soy Isoflavone Extract - 50 mg - Soy isoflavones are a source of phytoestrogens that exhibit similar effects to estrogen. They reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, regulate estrogen levels and increase bone density. Moreover, they will effectively support the body of a woman during menopause.

Black Cohosh Extract - 50 mg - Otherwise known as Black Cohosh is a popular herbal remedy to replace hormone therapy for women affected by menopause. It effectively relieves menopausal symptoms by limiting the release of luteinizing hormone, regulates ovarian function. It influences the system responsible for serotonin and dopamine production, stabilizing mood during menopausal period.

Hydrolyzed Bovine - 50 mg - hydrolyzed beef is a source of collagen peptides, which are excellent for supporting skin structure. The peptides will support the collagen synthesis process as well as act as a skin conditioner.

Lutein - 1 mg - is a yellow pigment with powerful antioxidant effects. Lutein supports the functioning of the yellow macula of the eye, which in turn translates into the process of vision. Lutein protects the eyes and supports their functioning.

Acai Berry - 50 mg - acai berries have higher levels of antioxidants than almost any other fruit and extremely high levels of essential fatty acids and amino acids. Acai is an excellent source of vegan protein and supports bone and muscle growth and structure. Taking their extract can lead to increased overall energy levels and stamina, and can also help fight fatigue and exhaustion. They have a significant effect on blood circulation throughout the body. Since lack of blood flow is one of the main causes of sexual dysfunction and lack of sexual stamina, their fruits are commonly used as an alternative medicine to help people struggling with these types of problems.

Lycopene - 1 mg - lycopene is a substance with powerful antioxidant activity. Its strong free radical scavenging activity translates into better functioning of many systems and organs.

Pancreatin - 25 mg - pancreatin is a pancreatic enzyme responsible for improving digestion and regulating processes related to metabolism. They are an excellent supplement in people who have problems with constipation and regular bowel movements.

Spirulina - 30 mg - is a microscopic algae with a wide range of health-promoting effects. Spirulina is counted among the group of so-called superfoods, because its action on the human body regulates the work of many organs and is responsible for the functioning of almost all systems. Spirulina is primarily known for its good effect on cholesterol, lowering its value and lowering the amount of LDL lipoprotein.

Lactobacillus acidophilus - these are probiotic bacteria belonging to the lactic acid bacteria strain. These bacteria perfectly support the functioning of the digestive system, influence the level of immunity e.g. through production of antibacterial compounds.

Vitamins for women recommended usage:

1 portion, 2 capsules daily




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