• Full Spectrum Mineral 120 caps
  • Full Spectrum Mineral 120 caps

Full Spectrum Mineral 120 caps

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NowFoods Full Spectrum Mineral 120 caps essential minerals

Now Foods Full Spectrum Mineral is a comprehensive combination of the most important minerals necessary for healthy teeth, bones and the immune system. Combination of magnesium, calcium, iodine, selenium, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium and vitamin D3. Aquamin, a unique ingredient of marine origin in comparison with other calcium sources, is characterized by extremely high bioavailability.

Aquamin comes 100% from seaweed, which absorbs trace elements straight from seawater. The unprecedented, porous structure ensures protection of the bone structure, inhibits the loss of their density. Fast and effective inhibition of PTH-a polypeptide hormone prevents the loss of bone mass caused by physical effort. Aquamin in combination with vitamin D3 has a beneficial effect on bone mineralization. Reduction also pain and stiffness of joints in degenerative disease.

NowFoods Full Spectrum Mineral 120 caps is:

  • A comprehensive set of essential minerals,
  • Support for the skeletal system,
  • Maintains normal nerve impulses,
  • Supports metabolism,
  • Improved well-being.

NowFoods Full Spectrum Mineral composition:

Vitamin D3 - together with calcium, positively affects the nervous system, prevents rickets, strengthens the heart and soothes inflammation. In addition, vitamin D regulates the secretion of insulin, which affects the appropriate level of sugar in the blood. Research shows that it stimulates the bone marrow to produce defense cells and prevents some cancers.

Calcium Aquamin-Aquamin - is a natural, multi-component product of marine origin, derived from the species of red alga Lithothamnion, rich in calcium and magnesium, as well as 72 other trace minerals. It is produced naturally in the sea, providing bioavailable minerals in the same proportions that are needed for optimal use by the human body. The Aquamin structure ensures high absorbability and bioavailability.

Iodine - a compound necessary for normal thyroid function. Because iodine is found in large quantities only in fish, most people are not sufficiently stocked with this element. Iodine deficiency causes thyroid enlargement.

Magnesium (Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Citrate and Aquamin®) - three forms of magnesium - oxide, citrate and Aquamin. Magnesium is a bone component - stabilizes the level of calcium phosphates which prevents their demineralization, cofactor of many enzymes (including kinases), plays an important role in the muscle contraction process, stimulates the body's defenses, necessary in the initial phase of the steroidogenesis process, indirectly controls the synthesis of growth hormone , insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF).

Zinc TRAACS - zinc with the highest bioavailability, plays an important role in maintaining acid-base balance. It ensures the correct function of the prostate and reproductive organs. Studies have shown that zinc has a significant effect on brain function. It is necessary to maintain the optimal concentration of vitamin A in the blood and its consumption by tissues. The beneficial effect of zinc on organisms is, in addition to the general improvement of metabolism, the acceleration of wound healing, especially skin lesions, improved mental performance and the protection of the macula against degenerative changes.

Selenium - helps protect the body against free radicals, prevents premature aging, supports the immune system, necessary for proper growth.

Copper - is a microelement that affects our well-being, appearance and health. Effectively fights bacteria and exerts anti-cancer effects. It ensures the proper functioning of the heart and is necessary for the construction of blood vessels. In addition, copper helps strengthen immunity and also prevents osteoporosis.

Manganese - regulates the work of the nervous system, influences the metabolism of fats, participates in the transformation of sex hormones, necessary to maintain the normal state of the bones.

Chromium - improves amino acid transport to cells, stimulates energy metabolism. For people who are slimming and using physical exercise, an important feature of chromium is its positive effect on reducing the need to reach for sweet snacks.

Molybdenum - molybdenum is involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats and purines, is responsible for the proper absorption of iron.

Potassium - is primarily responsible for controlling muscle contractions and maintaining proper blood pressure. In addition, it plays an important role in water and electrolyte management. Including potassium supplements in the diet will prevent heart rhythm disorders and skeletal muscle relaxation. Calcium - is the basic mineral component, affecting, among other things, the electrolyte balance of the body necessary for its proper functioning. It is an important component of bone tissue and is essential for its proper development as well as for the efficient functioning of nerves, muscles and the heart.


2 capsules 1 once a day

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