• Gut Joy 150g
  • Gut Joy 150g

Gut Joy 150g

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Nutritox Gut Joy 150 g supplement to support intestinal health

Gut Joy Nutritiox is a new high-quality preparation supporting the intestinal bacterial flora. The human digestive tract contains a set of microbes that play a beneficial role in human health, promoting a healthy immune system as well as supporting metabolism. The GutJoy supplement provides microbiota homeostasis. Both diet and hygiene and factors, or the use of antibiotics can create an imbalance between microorganisms. Lack of homeostasis can lead to poor gut health, gastrointestinal disease, and obesity.

How does Gut Joy work for a healthy gut?

An advanced, natural supplement improves digestion and the body's use of better nutrients. GutJoy perfectly supports the flora of intestinal bacteria, contributes to the reduction of inflammation, strengthens the immune functions and improves digestive functions. A healthy intestine not only affects digestion, but also supports the immune system, affects good sleep and even mood.

Gut Joy ingredients:

Organic ginger powder - Ginger contains the protease zingibaine, which breaks down proteins into their building blocks, which is helpful in digestion. contractions. Ginger has the ability to cleanse the colon, stimulate circulation and help with metabolism. In addition, it improves digestion and has a positive effect on the well-being of the body.

Ground cinnamon extract - The effects of cinnamon have been extensively documented in various studies to lower blood glucose, reduce body fat, and increase lean muscle mass.

Organic parsley extract - Parsley is a rich source of provitamin A and vitamins. The fruit is rich in essential oil, phytosterols and flavonoids. The individual parts of parsley have a diuretic and antispasmodic effect and stimulate digestion. Parsley is effective in reducing fluid build-up in the body.

Organic Papaya Powder - Studies have shown that taking papaya-based supplements can help relieve digestive problems such as constipation and gas.

Powdered cabbage - Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable that contains powerful antioxidants such as sulforaphane and kaempferol that are effective in reducing chronic inflammation.

Licorice (DGL) - Licorice is used as an aid in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers. The active compounds contained in the plant have a protective effect on the liver. They prevent fatty liver disease, as well as protect against the toxic effects of substances. Modern natural medicine recommends the use of licorice as an aid in the treatment of viral and toxic hepatitis.

Pineapple fruit extract - It contains digestive enzymes called bromelain that break down proteins into building blocks (amino acids), helping to digest and absorb these proteins. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that helps in protein digestion, therefore it is recommended for use by bodybuilders due to the high intake of amino acids.

Non-GMO raw honey powder - Honey is rich in digestive enzymes such as diastases, amylases, invertases and proteases. Studies show that it relieves indigestion and can relieve cramps and gas.

Powdered pomegranate juice - Eating fruit increases the body's antioxidant potential, and studies have shown quite clearly that increasing the antioxidant activity in the testes results in better testosterone production. Pomegranates are a source of several powerful anti-estrogenic compounds.

Cherry extract - It contains powerful antioxidants such as anthocyanins and cyanidin. Studies show that it has unique antioxidant properties, even more effective than vitamin E. Athletes who consumed cherry extracts before a long-distance run experienced less pain after exercise than those who did not use the supplement. Thanks to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, cherries have a protective effect, preventing muscle damage and pain during exercise.

Berry extract - Rich in antioxidants, it works great as an anti-inflammatory drug, and also helps with allergies and type 2 diabetes. Studies dating back to 1927 showed how strong blueberries can be in the healing process.

Dosage of Gut Joy:

Dissolve 1 scoop a day with water.

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