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Achieve maximum definition with H2O Expulsion diuretic!

H2O Expulsion is a comprehensive diuretic supplement that will allow you to get rid of excess water from your body. The product is perfect for the preparation period to bring out as many details as possible from the figure.

Hi-tech pharmaceuticals H2O Expulsion is:

  • Improving skin quality,
  • Getting rid of excess water,
  • Weight loss
  • Drier appearance of the figure, better definition,
  • cleansing effect,
  • Support for kidney function.

How does a diuretic supplement work?

H2O Expulsion is a diuretic that we can use in various ways. First and foremost, it is dedicated to advanced athletes who are keen to achieve maximum reduction and a maximally sculpted physique. Athletes often use diuretics before competitions to maximise muscle exposure and get a dry and hard look. People who test H2O Expulsion compare its potency to classic pharmaceuticals, which are only available by prescription.

Excess water in the body

Excess water in the body is not only problematic for figure athletes. Most often, it is women who experience the negative effects of excessive water, which accumulates, among other things, in the lower limbs causing swelling, pain and heaviness in the limbs. Even more so during menstruation, such effects can be exacerbated, resulting in an additional weight gain of several kilos. H2O Expulsion is a product that can also be used by women to protect the body from water accumulation, which not only significantly improves the appearance of the figure, but also affects the mood.

Composition of H2O Expulsion diuretic

1 serving, 1 capsule - 1350 mg:

Uva Ursi Extract (leaves)[Standardised to 20% Arbutin] - known as bearberry, this plant is excellent for urinary tract functions including the kidneys. The plant contains the active substance arbutin, which has a strong detoxifying as well as diuretic effect. They help to get rid of toxins and regulate water levels in the body.

Dandelion Extract (Taraxacum officinate)(leaves) - dandelion is one of the most potent natural diuretics. Importantly, it does not cause electrolyte disturbances, so is a safer option than pharmaceuticals. Dandelion is abundant in many active compounds such as flavonoids, carotenoids, triterpenes, reducing sugars and essential oil.

Horsetail Extract (stem) - we associate field horsetail extract primarily with its action in supporting so-called beauty attributes such as nails, hair and skin. However, horsetail is also a very good diuretic, which will support the removal of excess water from the body.

Juniper (Berries) - is an extract of juniper (Juniperus communis) that contains fisterols, catechins, glucoronic acid, proanthocyanidins and other bioactive compounds. It improves digestion, reduces bloating and constipation, especially when eating heavy meals. It balances digestive fluids by regulating their levels. It is a diuretic used to get rid of extra hypodermic water, improve form and rapid weight loss. Juniper fruit preparations support the body's immune system.

Buchu Extract (leaves) - Buchu leaf extract is a supplement that will take care of the urinary tract and support digestion. The extract is excellent for regulating hydration, maintaining an optimal amount of water in the body and preventing swelling.

Green Tea Extract (leaves)(Standardised to 98% Polyphenols, 45% Epigallocatechin Gallate [EGCG]) - green tea is known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and diuretic effects. Its action is due to EGCG, a powerful biological compound that is excellent at regulating water levels in the body, enabling rapid weight loss.

L-Tyrosine - The addition of tyrosine is thought to improve the functioning of the nervous system and metabolism. Although tyrosine is not a typical diuretic, it can trigger the process of thermogenesis, allowing the body to use fat stores more efficiently and regulate the amount of water in the body.

Bladderwrack Extract (Thallus) - Bladderwrack is an excellent source of iodine, which will support thyroid activity. Furthermore, it has a firming effect on the skin, taking care of its impeccable appearance. Fucus has a strong diuresis effect, as well as supporting the digestive system.

Ginger Extract (Root) - Ginger root is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and also has diuretic functions. Ginger has both a diaphoretic and diuretic effect. It will perfectly complement the overall active mixture, taking care to maintain correct water levels in the body.

Ashwaganda Extract (Root)[Standard to 1% Alkaloids and 1.5% Withanolides] - Vitania sluggard is known for its broad health-promoting effects, most focused on nervous system function. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, as well as exhibiting a moderate diuretic effect.

Capsimax Capsicum Extract (Fruit)[Standardised to a precise level of Capsaicinoids, including Capsaicin, Dihydrocapsaicin, and Nordihydrocapsaicin, delivering a minimum of 300,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) - Capsaicin allows the active sbstances contained in H2O Expulsion to work more effectively.

Vitamins and minerals - the supplement additionally contains vitamins B6 and B3 along with the most necessary minerals magnesium and potassium.

Diuretic supplement dosage:

Take 2 capsules twice daily with plenty of water.



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