• Haya Choline and Insositol 500 mg 100 caps
  • Haya Choline and Insositol 500 mg 100 caps

Haya Choline and Insositol 500 mg 100 caps

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Haya Choline and Insositol 500 mg 100 caps support the nervous system

Haya Choline and Inositol is a nootropic dietary supplement that provides high-quality choline bitartrate and inositol. The combination of both active substances is designed to maximize the work of the brain, increase the level of concentration, and accelerate remembering. It is an ideal product for learners, but also for white-collar workers who have to spend many hours during the day with documents, in front of the computer, and show good concentration at the same time.

Haya Choline and Inositol active substances of the supplement effectively support the metabolism of the brain. This translates into its better nourishment, oxygenation, more nutrients go to the brain tissue, which makes it work much better. What's more, the supplement has an excellent liver supporting effect. In sports supplementation, Haya Choline and Inositol is used to help the nervous system, it improves focus and concentration, which translates into the quality of exercise.

Haya Choline and Inositol is:

  • Better concentration,
  • Support for the work of the brain,
  • Maximum focus,
  • Liver protection,
  • Better sleep quality,
  • Less stress,
  • It reduces the level of homocysteine.

Active substances:

Choline bitartrate - is a combination of choline with tartaric acid, which is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the choline itself. Choline in the human body shows a number of pro-health functions. All for the right that we can find it in the tissues of our body. Its best known effect is supporting the work of the liver, the effect on fat metabolism and the intensification of the synthesis of acetylcholone - a very important neurotransmitter that is responsible for our well-being and the proper functioning of the entire nervous system. Acetylcholine is responsible for memory, awareness, concentration, focus, learning, but also is a carrier of nerve impulses, which is useful in physical activity. For the above reasons, choline belongs to the group of nootropic substances that affect the functioning of the brain. The lack of the right amount of choline, and thus the deficiency of acetylcholine in our body, can even lead to impaired motor coordination. This is important, for example, in sports where a lot of balance and balance are required of us.

Inositol - Inositol is one of the nutrients that have a structure similar to vitamins. This ingredient is found naturally in our body, but also in food. His role in our body is, among others structure of cell membranes, thus responsible for the integrity of cells. Inositol is a essential health element for the work of the brain. Its deficiencies can lead to memory problems, anxiety, and lower resistance to stress. In one study, inositol was shown to prevent depression from worsening. It takes an active part in the control of metabolism and hormonal balance, where it takes care of the correct level of hormones in the body. In addition, inositol has an anti-cancer effect, prevents the accumulation of homocysteine, supports oxygenation of cells, is a strong antioxidant, supports insulin sensitivity of tissues.

What to combine with?
If we want to maximize concentration, pace of learning, and improve memory processes, then Haya Choline and Inositol should be combined with noopept.

Choline and Insositol dosage:

1 capsule, 2-3 times a day.

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