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ALR Industries HumaPro 667g Amino Acids

HumaPro ALR Industreis a high-quality protein matrix rich in 8 essential amino acids of plant origin (EAA). The amino acid content has been specially selected for the needs of human nutrition, taking into account the exact enzymatic conversion and the degree of amino acid utilization for optimal health. HumaPro contains all the essential amino acids in the right proportions and forms so that the human body can fully use them. Unique ingredient delivery system.

ALR Industries HumaPro is:

  • Advanced form of amino acids,
  • Improvement of muscle function,
  • It inhibits catabolism,
  • Increases muscle mass gains

How do HumanPro amino acids work?

The HumaPro® supplement allows the amino acids to reach the muscle tissue at the same time. Instant release amino acids Essential Amino Acid Immediate Release allows them to be used in 99%, creating an environment for anabolism and the development of lean body mass.

ALR Industries HumaPro amino acid composition:

L-Leucine - affects the synthesis of skeletal muscles in several ways: it increases the secretion of insulin, a powerful anabolic present in our body, affects the activity of the S6 protein kinase, accelerates the phosphorylation of the eIf4E binding protein and affects the degree of connection between proteins (eIF) 4E and eIF4G. All this, despite the complicated sound and nomenclature, boils down to a very simple theorem - Leucine increases the degree and speed of using proteins to build muscles.

L-Valine - its presence in this combination is due not only to the aforementioned need to administer all three BCAA amino acids together, but also to reducing central nervous system fatigue. In addition, as in the case of the other two amino acids, it is easily converted into energy consumed by working muscles and thus allows you to save the glycogen stores stored in the liver.

L-Isoleucine - the supply of large amounts of leucine reduces the level of the other two amino acids: Isoleucine and Valine, so it is important to use all three compounds together. In addition, isoleucine is classified as glucogenic amino acids, i.e. those that the body can easily and quickly transform into the energy necessary for its functioning. This means that we will not only be able to train longer and more intensively, but also recover faster.

L-Lysine - lysine must be supplied from food because our body is unable to synthesize it. It exhibits antioxidant properties (destroys free radicals) and thus helps to fight diseases, helps to raise the level of growth hormone, present in the construction of collagen, facilitates the absorption of calcium and improves mental concentration.

L-Threonine - has a very wide spectrum of action and affects the body comprehensively. One of its valuable properties is its influence on the condition of the skin. Threonine ensures proper skin hydration and prevents dehydration.

L-Phenylalanine - an often underestimated component of proteins, widely used both in the context of the development of the figure and anabolic processes, as well as improving focus, coordination and muscle feeling. The right dose of this compound significantly contributes to the more efficient work of the nervous system.

L-Methionine - is an essential ingredient for the synthesis of glutathione, one of the most important compounds in the context of protecting the body against free radicals and toxins. It seems that taking methionine simultaneously with paracetamol (or other drugs from this group) may have a protective effect on the liver and kidneys, preventing their damage. It is sometimes used in cases of poisoning with hepatoxic drugs, alcohol and ammonia. Supports the natural regeneration processes of connective tissue, skin, hair and nails. Often used to relieve the symptoms of acne.

L-Tryptophan - is an amino acid that is necessary for the production of the sleep hormone, and also responds to the production of serotonin and melatonin. Tryptophan is also involved in the production of proteins in the human body, e.g. muscles. Since it cannot be produced by our body, it has to be delivered to the body from the outside.

L-Tyrosine - is a substrate for the production of catecholamines, such as norepinephrine, adrenaline and dopamine, so it can result in better concentration, more energy and increased motivation to act. It is also used for the production of thyroid hormones, so it can be useful for people who want to raise their levels.

L-Histidine - Histidine is an essential amino acid. Plays an important role in the production of proteins. Takes part in the production of hemoglobin. It is an effective transporter of many key elements, e.g. zinc and iron. These micronutrients are one of the essential ingredients for the proper functioning of not only the heart and metabolism. Deficiencies of this amino acid are often associated with a low content of these metals, which in turn is reflected in the body's hormonal imbalance.

Bitter Melon Extract - the fruit extract is rich in triterpenes, phytosterols, saponins and alkaloids. The proteins and alkaloids of this plant inhibit the growth of tumors. Momordica effectively regulates the level of sugar in the body, and also increases tolerance to hyperglycemia. It accelerates the elimination of glucose inside the cells, acting similarly to insulin. It is recommended to use the plant in the treatment of diabetes, weakening the body, reducing the secretion of digestive juices and cancer. Clinical studies show that administering the plant extract to the studied group of diabetic patients significantly reduced the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Green Coffee Bean Extract - contains chlorogenic acid and caffeine. Chlorogenic acid shows synergism with caffeine and strongly increases its activity against fat. Therefore, by using green coffee, we achieve a much stronger fat burning effect, while introducing much less caffeine into the body. Green coffee extract improves metabolism and regulates insulin metabolism, which also translates into a reduction in appetite (decreased appetite).

Vitamin B1 - very soluble in water, which effectively affects its digestibility. It plays an important role in tissue respiration, including metabolism of carbohydrates. It is one of the most important vitamins, the deficiencies of which can lead to body weakness, chronic fatigue, vision problems, circulatory failure, digestive system disorders, and even in extreme cases to depression.

Vitamin B3 - plays important roles in the body - is necessary, among others, for the proper functioning of the brain and peripheral nervous system. Additionally, nicotinic acid is involved in the synthesis of sex hormones, cortisol, thyroxine and insulin. Scientists confirm the information about the equally surprising properties of vitamin B3. According to them, it improves the ability of immune cells to destroy Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (golden staph). Under the influence of this vitamin, the number of white blood cells increases, which can neutralize and absorb harmful bacteria.

Vitamin B6 - is a coenzyme of many enzymatic changes in the body, including transamination and decarboxylation of amino acids. Its participation in the transformation of tryptophan, which produces serotonin and nicotinic acid, is particularly important. It is essential in the process of phosphorylation, influences glycogenesis and glycogenolysis in muscles, and plays an important role in immune and hematopoietic processes. It reduces the secretion of prolactin, which has a negative effect on male libido.

Vitamin B12 - is a vitamin responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system, it is also involved in the metabolism of proteins and fats, and contributes to the proper level of homocysteine, supporting the circulatory system. It stimulates the production of serotonin - a neurotransmitter responsible for a good mood. It also acts directly on brain cells, protecting them from toxins.

Calcium Carbonate - the most digestible form of calcium (in the form of calcium carbonate). Calcium is the basic mineral component that contributes to the maintenance of the body's electrolyte balance necessary for its proper functioning. It is an important component of bone tissue and is essential for its proper development, as well as for the efficient functioning of nerves, muscles and heart.

Magnesium Citrate - magnesium citrate is the best digestible source of magnesium because of the greatest similarity to the compounds contained in food. Organic magnesium compounds are superior to inorganic in terms of the level of solubility, which for magnesium citrate is much greater compared to its inorganic counterparts. This factor significantly increases the bioavailability of magnesium from such a source and it can be up to 90%. The supplement helps maintain electrolyte balance, healthy teeth and bones. It contributes to the maintenance of proper energy metabolism. It supports the proper functioning of muscles, the functioning of the nervous system and the maintenance of proper psychological functions

Zinc Gluconate - a highly bioavailable form of zinc. participates in the synthesis of new proteins in the body, supports the work and functioning of the endocrine system and contributes to the improvement of metabolism. It plays an important role in maintaining acid-base balance. It ensures the proper functioning of the prostate and reproductive organs. Research has shown that zinc has a significant effect on brain function. It is necessary to maintain the optimal concentration of vitamin A, accelerates wound healing, improves mental performance and protects the macula against degenerative changes. It helps to get rid of white spots on the nails, perfectly improves the condition of the skin, preventing inflammation.


1-2 scoops 3-6 times a day depending on your needs.

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