• IFN Hemavol 240g
  • IFN Hemavol 240g

IFN Hemavol 240g

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IFN Hemavol maximum muscle pump and endurance boost!

IFN Hemavol is a powerful pre-workout no-booster that increases nitric oxide in the body in a fast and powerful way. The supplement provides advanced ingredients that dilate blood vessels and allow more blood flow to your muscles.

IFN Hemavol is:

  • Powerful muscle pump,
  • No creatine in the formulation,
  • No stimulants,
  • Increase in endurance,
  • Increase in strength.

IFN Hemavol targets only pure and maximum pump without unnecessary additives.

IFN Hemavol is an advanced no-booster with no stimulants or fillers. the product also contains no creatine, which is important information for those who avoid creatine in supplements. Hemavol guarantees us a very strong muscle pump sensation that lasts for a long time. Importantly, the supplement is devoid of stimulants. This means that we do not overtax the nervous system.

What to combine IFN Hemavol with?

If you only care about a nitric oxide booster, then Hemavol will work perfectly. However, it can also be a pumping base for other products. We can use IFN Hemavol as an additive to stimulant-only based pre-workouts, and we can even combine it with fat burners.

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1 serving, 7.5 grams:
Vitamin C - 50 mg - in the form of ascorbic acid - is a powerful antioxidant that will allow us to sustain protection against free radicals. This is especially important during the training period, where muscles are prone to damage.

Niacin - 13 mg - its action is to stimulate energy production, but also not only. It is particularly important for the synthesis of sex hormones, as well as regulating lipid levels in the body.

Vitamin B12 - 1.3 mg - in the form of methylcobalamin. Vitamin B 12 is responsible for, among other things, properly levels of energy, but also contributes to more efficient operation of the nervous system. Its proper level determines the formation of red blood cells, which significantly improves tissue oxygenation.

Hemodynamix Matrix - 4.1 g:
Citrulline malate - the best-known form of citrulline, which enhances the synthesis of arginine in the body. Its action effectively raises nitric oxide levels, but it is an indirect action. Many people prefer citrulline to basic arginine due to its stronger pumping effect. This is due to less loss of the amino acid, due to bypassing the action of the arginase enzyme.

Glycerol - is primarily known for its sarcoplasmic volume-enhancing effect. This means that glycerol is not a typical no-booster. Glycerol makes sure that more water and glycogen are stored in the muscle cell. This gives the feeling of full muscles, which pump up strongly during training.

Agmatine - known for its strong pumping effect, is the absolute number one in pumping supplementation. Agmatine gives a strong muscle pumping sensation, allows for significant vasodilation of blood vessels. In addition, it has a nootropic effect and contributes to increased muscle endurance.

Norvaline - while norvaline is not a typical pumping amino acid, its action effectively increases the amount of arginine in the body by acting to inhibit its breakdown. Norvaline is therefore an excellent addition for pumping supplementation, it will effectively protect the amount of arginine that is produced by the addition of l-citrulline.

Nitric Oxide Vasodilation Support Matrix - 100 mg
L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine - or alpha GPC. Contrary to what many people believe, this particular type of choline is also present in foods that are frequently consumed; nevertheless, larger doses are required to truly feel its benefits on the body. We are able to achieve this by supplying Alpha GPC externally in supplement form. Choline is found in relatively high concentrations, including in chicken egg yolks. It is also present, though in lower concentrations, in foods such as liver, beef, legumes and wheat germ. GPC choline supports the functioning of the nervous system, but also allows you to perform a much more intense workout.

Rutacaerpine - is responsible for the feeling of a muscle pump, as its primary mechanism of action is vasodilation. It has a very specific action, which is to stimulate the liver to use certain chemical compounds that are processed in the parenchyma of this organ. Rutacaerpine will protect the active compounds of the supplement from the enzymatic action of the liver.

Epimedium (20%) - the plant known as horny goat weed belongs to the barberry family and is a perennial. Its native habitat is in southern Asia.
The sexual properties of horny goat weed have brought it widespread popularity.
The primary purpose of this herb in traditional Chinese medicine is to improve male sexual performance. There are many chemical constituents found in horny goat weed, including flavonoids, glycosides, alkaloids, sterols, sesquiterpenes, lignans and essential oils.

Dosage: take 1 scoop of Hemavol Max 30 minutes before a workout session, preferably away from a meal.


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