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iWhey 2000g

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Genius Nutrition iWhey 2000g WPC protein supplement

Genius Nutrition iWhey high-quality protein supplement providing the appropriate dose of nutrients promoting high muscle mass in a short time and improving post-exercise regeneration. iWhey® is a preparation based on whey from cows fed a natural diet free from hormones, antibiotics and GMO preparations.

Why is it worth using Genius Nutrition iWhey?

Advanced technology provides muscles with the necessary nutrients for muscle growth and development. A high dose of up to 6.9 g of BCAA in one serving! iWhey® contains 100% WPC whey protein with quick absorption. Whey protein contains a high dose of essential amino acids, which are particularly helpful for regeneration and building high-quality muscle mass. Formula enriched with vitamins, DigeZyme digestive enzymes and highly bioavailable creatine.

Genius Nutrition iWhey 2000g composition:

Whey Protein Concentrate - whey protein concentrate is characterized by an exceptionally high biological value and excellent digestibility, it is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract in just several minutes, has a wide profile of amino acids, high biological value, rich in alpha-lactalbumin - reducing stress, preventing cancer and diseases cardiology, lactoferrin, i.e. perfectly digestible iron and lactoperoxidase, the killer of bacteria.

L-Leucine - affects the synthesis of skeletal muscles in several ways: it increases the secretion of insulin, a powerful anabolic present in our body, affects the activity of the S6 protein kinase, accelerates the phosphorylation of the eIf4E binding protein and affects the degree of connection between proteins (eIF) 4E and eIF4G. All this, despite the complicated sound and naming, boils down to a very simple theorem - Leucine increases the degree and speed of protein utilization to build muscles.

Alanine L-Glutamine - one of the most important amino acids involved, inter alia, in the regeneration of muscle tissue. It is especially recommended for physically active people who are looking for a safe way to improve post-workout regeneration. It also helps to maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which is necessary for the smooth occurrence of anabolic processes. Thus, it affects many aspects that translate into the results achieved by the athlete (both in the form of gains in muscle mass and strength). Thanks to the convenient form of the powder, you can easily choose the dose for individual needs.

AKG - creatine alpha-ketoglutarate is an effective combination of creatine with an alpha-ketoglutarate molecule. Its function is to increase the bioavailability of creatine in the human body. AKG creatine not only supports physical exertion, contributing to the growth of muscle mass, but is also beneficial if you care about endurance and increasing strength. It is the most effective agent in terms of anabolism.

Creatine Malate - thanks to its ester bonds between creatine and malate, it is characterized by greater digestibility and bioavailability, thanks to which less creatine is converted into inactive creatinine. Creatine malate, after being transformed into phosphocreatine in the body, takes an active part in the production of a high-energy compound, which is adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP, in turn, is an instant source of energy in short-term efforts lasting up to a few seconds. Supplementing the diet with creatine is aimed at increasing the body's energy reserves by increasing the amount of phosphocreatine in the muscle cell.

Creatine Monohydrate - is an organic chemical compound generated in the metabolic process. It is mainly found in muscle cells. Under the influence of the enzyme (creatine kinase), it transforms into phosphocreatine, which enables faster restoration of ATP (the breakdown of high-energy ATP bonds provides energy for maximum, short-term muscle contractions). Supports protein synthesis, improves the body's exercise capacity.

Digezyme - digestive enzymes that participate in the breakdown of macromolecules into smaller elements, facilitating absorption in the body. Digezyme contains the following enzymes: amylase, lactase, lipase, protease and cellulase. It helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system, accelerating digestion, increasing protein synthesis. The addition of the ingredient to the protein allows for greater use of nutrients and affects the regeneration of the body after intense training.

Whey protein concentrate dosage:

1-2 scoops a day.

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