• iWhey Isolate 2000g
  • iWhey Isolate 2000g

iWhey Isolate 2000g

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Genius Nutrition iWhey Isolate 2000g isolate protein supplement

iWhey Isolate 2000g Genius Nutrition is a new advanced whey protein isolate of the highest quality and purity created in the natural filtration process. 100% isolate contains as much as 27 g of protein in one serving. The raw material used for production is whey from cows fed with natural ingredients, GMO-free, without the use of hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. The highest quality isolate contains valuable protein with a high degree of absorption. It is free of fat, sugar and lactose.

Why is WPI protein supplement better than classic protein?

Through natural filtration, a protein isolate with an ideal amino acid profile was created, also recommended for people who are lactose intolerant. Whey protein is a valuable component of any diet, it supports the development of muscle mass. Made of high-quality ingredients with high absorption, it is a perfect addition to your daily training. It is characterized by moderate sweetness and creamy consistency. Contains pure protein with high solubility in both water and milk. Whey protein isolate is characterized by an exemplary content of the most important amino acids with anabolic effect and active micro-peptides.

The use of unique production technology allows for a record high concentration of proteins and the highest degree of purity. iWhey® Isolate contains precisely selected amino acids that will help build muscle mass without excessive accumulation of fat tissue. A high dose of BCAA amino acids has an anti-catabolic effect while increasing anabolism. The addition of glutamine prevents the breakdown of developed muscle mass, intensifies the protein synthesis process, increases glycogen deposits and improves the functioning of the immune system.

Genius Nutrition iWhey Isolate 2000g WPI protein supplement composition:

L-alanine-is an organic compound classified as endogenous amino acids, i.e. those that can be independently synthesized by our body. It is an important point in the glucose-alanine metabolic pathway. Thanks to the transamination process, it transports glucose to the brain and red blood cells. It is responsible for the intensification of carnosine production and ensures the proper nutrition of muscle tissue, which results in muscle growth and overall body development.

Glycine - is especially important for the proper functioning of the brain. It has a positive effect on the proper functioning of the nervous system. It helps to improve the functioning of the brain and strengthens the cognitive function. It calms the nervous system, ensures relaxation, improves sleep comfort, provides amazing regeneration. It is not only responsible for the quality of sleep, but also for the colder effects of its deficiency. It is especially helpful when we sleep too short, it helps to maintain well-being and reduces the symptoms of fatigue.

L-leucine- is an effective trigger of the anabolic drive of protein blocks. Scientists have proven that it effectively builds muscle mass, maintains lean mass in a caloric deficit, improves the endurance of the body and increases regenerative properties. It is essential for athletes to build a perfect sculpted figure at all levels of experience.

L-valine - its presence in this combination, owes not only to the aforementioned need to administer all three BCAA amino acids together, but also to reduce fatigue in the central nervous system. In addition, as in the case of the other two amino acids, it is easily converted into energy used by working muscles and thus allows you to save the glycogen stores accumulated in the liver.

L-isoleucine - the supply of large amounts of Leucine reduces the level of the other two amino acids: Isoleucine and Valine, which is why it is so important to use all three compounds together. In addition, Isoleucine is classified as glucogenic amino acids, i.e. those that the body can easily and quickly transform into energy necessary for its functioning. This means that we will not only be able to train longer and more intensively, but also recover faster.

L-Tryptophan - is an amino acid that is necessary for the production of the sleep hormone, and also responds to the production of serotonin and melatonin. Tryptophan is also involved in the production of proteins in the human body, e.g. muscles. Since it cannot be produced by our body, it has to be delivered to the body from the outside.

L-methionine- is an essential ingredient for the synthesis of glutathione, one of the most important compounds in the context of protecting the body against free radicals and toxins. It seems that taking methionine simultaneously with paracetamol (or other drugs from this group) may have a protective effect on the liver and kidneys, preventing their damage. It is sometimes used in cases of poisoning with hepatoxic drugs, alcohol and ammonia. Supports the natural regeneration processes of connective tissue, skin, hair and nails. Often used to relieve the symptoms of acne.

L-histidine- histidine is an essential amino acid. Plays an important role in the production of proteins. Takes part in the production of hemoglobin. It is an effective transporter of many key elements, e.g. zinc and iron. These micronutrients are one of the essential ingredients for the proper functioning of not only the heart and metabolism. Deficiencies of this amino acid are often associated with a low content of these metals, which in turn is reflected in the body's hormonal imbalance.

WPI dosage:

Training days: mix 1 scoop with 200-300 ml of cold water. Shake for 20-30 seconds. Consume 1 scoop 30 minutes before training and 1 scoop immediately after training.

Non-training days: Consume 1 scoop in the morning and 1 scoop between meals.

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