• Jarro-Zymes Plus 60 caps
  • Jarro-Zymes Plus 60 caps

Jarro-Zymes Plus 60 caps

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Jarrow Formulas Jarro Zymes Plus for digestive ailments and a healthy gut!

Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Zymes Plus is an advanced dietary supplement containing a set of digestive enzymes with activity similar to pancreatic enzymes, stable at varying pH levels in the digestive tract. The product contains amylase, lipase, a complex of endo- and exoproteases, α-galactosidase and lactase, which facilitates the digestion of dairy products. The product is suitable for vegetarians.

The carefully formulated composition of acid-resistant digestive enzymes such as amylase, lipase, lactase and peptidase has an excellent effect on the entire gastrointestinal system. This supplement is based on scientific knowledge of the human digestive system, which is why it is so effective. Thanks to the active ingredients it contains, your troubles with impaired digestion and intestinal discomfort will end once and for all - the enzymes contained in this preparation can cope with even the most difficult to digest food.

Jarrow Formulas Jarro Zymes Plus:

  • Improved digestion,
  • Improved absorption of food,
  • Increased immunity,
  • Improved wellbeing,
  • Protection of the digestive system.


Jarrow Formulas Jarro Zymes Plus composition:

Lactase is an enzyme with β-galactosidase activity that breaks down lactose (milk sugar) into glucose and galactose. Naturally, it is produced by the small intestine cells, but with age its activity decreases, because after the infant's period milk ceases to be the basic human food. In the absence of lactase synthesis, indigestible lactose passes into the large intestine, where it undergoes bacterial fermentation to organic acids and gases, causing digestive discomfort after consumption of dairy products. The osmotic pressure increased by lactose causes the inflow of water into the intestine and results in diarrhea.

Amylase is a group of hydrolytic enzymes present in saliva and pancreatic juice that catalyze the starch decomposition reaction. Due to the hydrolysis of α-1,4-glycosidic linkages present in the starch, corresponding trioses and disaccharides are formed. Amylaza thus facilitates the digestion of starchy foods - including grains of cereals and legumes.

α-galactosidase is involved in the digestion of complex carbohydrates and facilitates their absorption. By facilitating the digestion of heavy carbohydrates in legumes, this enzyme reduces digestive discomfort associated with their consumption.

Lipase is a group of hydrolytic enzymes responsible for the breakdown of fatty acid esters into monoacylglycerol and free fatty acids, which are absorbed in the intestines, constituting substrates for metabolic reactions in the body. Lipase is also successfully used in the treatment of fat diarrhea.

Proteases and peptidases are enzymes that break down peptide bonds in proteins, conditioning digestion. Due to the location of the hydrolysed linkage in the peptide chain, endo- and exopeptidases are distinguished. Amino acids formed from the breakdown of proteins participate in many important biochemical reactions in the body, acting inter alia building material of connective tissue and substrates for the synthesis of neurotransmitters, hormones and enzymes. Proteases and peptidases can accelerate digestion and reduce unwanted reactions to gluten, casein or animal protein.

Summing up the preparation containing solid doses of enzymes such as lipase, protease, amylase and alpha-galactosidase, so that each serving really supports the digestion of the food consumed. The thoughtful composition guarantees efficiency. Bet on the highest quality every day!

Jarrow Formulas Jarro Zymes Plus Dosage:

1 capsule, 2 times a day

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