• Ketomate 293g
  • Ketomate 293g

Ketomate 293g

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ANS Performance Ketomate energy support on KETO

ANS Performance Ketomate is a new powder that supports the keto diet, with the addition of triglycerides, the so-called medium-chain-triglycerides abbreviated as MCT. MCT acids are absorbed unchanged directly into the liver, where they are used as a source of energy. The latest supplement formula, in addition to MCT oil, is rich in plant ingredients: extract from the hedgehog's mane and l-theanines that increase mood, increase concentration and reduce stress.

Unlike pure MCT oil, powdered triglycerides contained in Ketomate are easily digestible and have a creamy consistency, thanks to which your coffee or tea not only tastes good, but also has the effect of accelerating fat burning and protects muscles against catabolism. The use of the product is ideally combined with the keto diet and promotes the production of ketone bodies, constituting a source of readily available energy.

ANS Performance Ketomate is:

  • Increased energy during exercise,
  • Supports training,
  • Supports the ketogenic diet,
  • Allows for more intense effort,
  • Better regeneration

Ketomate Ingredients:

Coconut Oil Powder - coconut oil has a specific chemical structure, not found in the case of other fats. It consists of medium chain fatty acids - MCFA (for information, long-chain acids dominate in our diet), they do not have to be divided into smaller fragments. Thanks to this, they go directly to the cells, where they are burned and used by the body to produce energy. Therefore, coconut oil does not accumulate in the form of adipose tissue and does not raise the level of bad LDL cholesterol. On the contrary, by increasing the body's energy reserves, it allows you to increase metabolism, which results in efficient burning of calories. Coconut oil has a number of properties, especially important for people who care about their figure. The most important of them are: easy digestion and assimilated by the body, does not contribute to the building of adipose tissue, on the contrary, it stimulates metabolism, increases energy and endurance, supports detoxification of the body, reduces appetite.

MCT Oil Powder - high-quality MCT oil, rich in medium-chain fatty acids. MCT fats obtained from palm oil increase intestinal peristalsis, provide a quick boost of energy without burdening the digestive system. The supplement contains C-6 caproic acid, C-8 caprylic acid, C-10-capric acid, C-12 lauric acid. The unique advantage of MCT is its energetic properties. Medium-chain fatty acids are effective in reducing body fat, also for people with impaired fat absorption. Rapid absorption of MCT oil allows you to save glycogen stores, which makes it ideal for every athlete training strength or endurance.

L-Tyrosine - is a substrate for the production of catecholamines, such as norepinephrine, adrenaline and dopamine, so it can result in better concentration, more energy and increased motivation to act. It is also used for the production of thyroid hormones, so it can be useful for people who want to raise their levels.

MagicLion - a patented formula for the hedgehog. It has been used as a natural nootropic for centuries. Especially widespread in China, where it was used to increase cognitive functions, improve mood and alleviate symptoms of memory loss. Lion's Mane Mushroom increases nerve growth factor production. The peptide promotes the growth of brain tissues, including dendrites.

L-Theanine - is a non-protein amino acid found naturally in green tea leaves - camellia. It has psychoactive properties because it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier. It stabilizes the mood, calms down, reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety. Also used as a nootropic agent - improving cognitive functions, work efficiency and learning efficiency. Researchers have proven theanine's effectiveness in increasing concentration, alertness and productivity, and the effects are already visible within the first hour after administration. Scientists believe that theanine is responsible for the relaxing effect of green tea, which affects the intensity of alpha waves in the brain, possibly by affecting the activity of certain neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin.

Dosage of Ketomate:

Mix 1 scoop with your favorite coffee, shake or tea.

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