• Lean Fix 120 caps
  • Lean Fix 120 caps

Lean Fix 120 caps

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EFX Sports Lean Fix 120 caps fat burner

Lean Fix Efx Sports fat burner is a new supplement that accelerates fat burning. The new fat burner allows you to reduce fat tissue by intensifying the lipolysis process, additionally increasing energy for the whole day. Natural ingredients combined with physical activity allow you to achieve a slim figure without the yo-yo effect. Lean Fix burner is a combination of thermogenic agents and ingredients that regulate blood sugar levels, as well as natural diuretics in one. The preparation removes excess water from the body, reduces the craving for sweets and suppresses appetite. The content of adaptogens affects well-being during difficult periods of reduction and improves cognitive functions.

EFX Sports Lean Fix is:

  • Faster weight loss,
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Accelerates metabolism,
  • It allows you to reduce stubborn spots

EFX Sports Lean Fix 120 caps fat burner composition:

Kola Nut - Kola nut extract with a high caffeine content - a well-known stimulant that fights fatigue, positively affects the oxygen balance and accelerates post-workout regeneration.

Guarana - has a strong effect on increasing the metabolic rate, suppressing your appetite and improving both physical and mental fitness. Guarana extract can be used to increase mental alertness, combat fatigue, improve condition and physical endurance. Due to the slower absorption rate, guarana provides a more balanced supply of energy compared to the immediate effect of caffeine. It is a particularly useful supplement for anyone who wants to lose weight or improve their physical and mental performance.

Caffeine - affects the overall stimulation of the body, improves mood and increases the efficiency of the nervous system and brain work. In addition, caffeine affects the cardiovascular system - an increased rate of norepinephrine release translates into an increase in pulse, also dilates blood vessels and increases the efficiency of glucose metabolism - the main "fuel" for the brain.

Ginger - adaptogenic herb, has long been used to facilitate the adaptation of the body to all everyday stressful situations, making it an ideal ingredient for the preparation. This ingredient will help to revive your mind and body to increase memory and relieve fatigue. Thanks to the use of ginseng, you will become calm, balanced and you will make informed decisions.

White Willow Bark - the most important active ingredient of white willow bark is salicinic acid, it was the discovery of this substance that initiated numerous studies, the result of which was the creation of a popular drug called aspirin (based on acetylsalicylic acid). White willow bark helps to restore mobility in "creaky" joints, and helps soothe inflammation and joint pain in people suffering from rheumatism and arthritis. In addition, as an aid in the prevention of heart attacks.

Cayenne - human studies confirm the slimming effect of capsaicin. Its regular intake causes changes in protein concentrations related to thermogenesis and fat metabolism. It slows down the transcription of protein genes that stimulate the accumulation of adipose tissue and stimulates the transcription of protein genes related to the thermogenesis process.

Tea Extract - tea owes its slimming properties to catechins, namely a substance called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Catechins contained in green tea extract exert a significant influence on the reduction of adipose tissue. They inhibit the absorption of fats from food and increase their use by the body. Additionally, green tea increases the activity of some enzymes responsible for the digestive process, has a positive effect on the liver metabolism, increases thermogenesis and accelerates the oxidation of fats.

Guggul Extract - is a resin from the thorn Commiphora Mukul tree. Effectively lowers the level of bad cholesterol, cleanses the body of toxins, increases the amount of white blood cells and has strong antibacterial properties.

Dandelion Powder Leaf - Dandelion is a very strong diuretic (dehydrating substance). It is the most powerful herb that helps get rid of subcutaneous water. In addition, it is credited with detoxifying and cleansing properties, and it speeds up metabolism. Its root contains a lot of mineral salts, especially potassium, organic acids, sterols, inulin, and choline.

Juniper Extract - juniper fruits contain phytosterols, catechins, glucuronic acid and other biologically active ingredients. The plant improves the digestive process, especially when consuming heavy foods. Effectively regulates the action of digestive juices. It works as a diuretic, allowing you to quickly get rid of excess subcutaneous water, improving the overall figure and reducing body weight.

Uva Ursi Extract - this plant, commonly used in medicine, is known as bearberry. Due to its composition, it is widely used in diseases of the urinary tract, digestive system and gastric problems. It contains ingredients such as gallic acid, cholic acid and the natural flavonoid isoquercetin. These substances are slightly diuretic and cleanse the body of unnecessary and harmful metabolic products. They reduce the toxicity of many compounds and eliminate the effects of free radicals. The use of bearberry causes increased urine output, getting rid of excess water from the body, along with which toxins are removed. In addition to the beneficial effect on the condition of internal organs, it is correlated with an improvement in the definition of the muscle due to the loss of subcutaneous water.

Buchu Powder Leaf - birch beech is perfect for urinary tract infections and is responsible for the proper functioning of the kidneys. It shows diuretic and antiseptic properties, and inhibits urinary tract infections. Flavonoids contained in Agathosma betulin, such as hesperidin and diosmin, have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the circulatory system, strengthening blood vessels and preventing atherosclerosis.

Chromium - is an essential trace element that influences insulin secretion, thus increasing the level of glucose in muscles and blood. It improves the transport of amino acids to cells, stimulates energy transformations. For people who are slimming and using physical exercise, an important property of chromium is its positive effect on reducing the need to reach for something sweet.

Potassium - is the third most common mineral in the body in addition to calcium and phosphorus. It is also one of the most important electrolytes for the body. Electrolytes are essential for maintaining normal blood pressure and muscle contraction. Potassium is also involved in the conversion of blood sugar into glycogen. Its important function is to protect the heart.

EFX Sports Lean Fix 120 caps fat burner - Dosage:

1-2 capsules in the morning.

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