• Liver + 90 caps
  • Liver + 90 caps

Liver + 90 caps

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Anabolic Designs Liver + liver protection

Liver + is a formula developed to protect the liver against the harmful effects of toxins, alcohol and as a protective agent when using prohormones. Contains exceptionally powerful ingredients to support detoxification and liver function. The supplement has strong anti-inflammatory properties. The liver cleansing supplement gently removes impurities, hepatotoxic substances such as alcohol, methylated prohormones, detoxifying the liver and kidneys, improving the overall condition of internal organs. Advanced, highly bioavailable ingredients support liver health by promoting healthy enzyme activity, antioxidant activity, and lipid metabolism, and cause faster recovery of liver tissues and cells.

Anabolic Designs Liver+ is:

  • liver protection,
  • better digestion,
  • improvement of well-being,
  • eliminates flatulence,
  • prevents heartburn.

Check out Anabolic Designs Liver+ ingredients:

Milk Thistle Seed Extract - milk thistle contains a substance called silymarin. Silymarin is a complex of flavonoligans present in the shell of milk thistle. In addition to the aforementioned silymarin, the raw material contains also valuable compounds such as: phytosterols, flavones, phenolic glycosides and vitamins E and F. The substance acts as a stabilizer of cell membranes, and has a choleretic, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and diastolic effect. Effectively regulates the passage of food and protects liver cells against the harmful effects of alcohol and mycotoxins. It has an antioxidant effect, prevents cirrhosis of the liver, kidneys and heart. Due to the ability to lower bad cholesterol in the blood, it is recommended in the treatment of natural hypercholestrelolemia.

NAC - is a modified form of cysteine ​​that has been attached to the acetyl group. NAC has the effect of increasing the level of antioxidant-glutathione, which in turn reduces damage at the cellular level, accelerates the regeneration processes after trauma and promotes the building of lean muscle mass. The reduction of damage at the cellular level is closely correlated with the delay in the aging processes. NAC binds to and excludes from the body toxic metabolites formed when steroids pass through the liver.

Turmeric Root Extract - turmeric root is rich in the powerful antioxidant curcumin. Turmeric is hepatoprotective - it protects liver cells from toxins and can even help regenerate liver cells. Curcumin, as one of the bioactive ingredients of turmeric, inhibits degenerative processes in the joints through a clear anti-inflammatory effect, which is of particular importance for people struggling with rheumatism, i.e. degenerative changes in the locomotor system, as well as sports injuries.

Bupleurum Root Extract is a plant that is the most widely used herbal detoxifier in Chinese herbal medicine. has a strong antioxidant and hepatoprotective effect.

Dandelion Root Extract - Dandelion is a very strong diuretic (dehydrating substance). It is the most powerful herb that helps get rid of subcutaneous water. In addition, it is credited with detoxifying and cleansing properties, and it speeds up metabolism. Its root contains a lot of mineral salts, especially potassium, organic acids, sterols, inulin, and choline.

Artichoke Leaf Extract - artichoke extract contains cynarin, which not only facilitates slimming but also affects the digestive system. The substance effectively stimulates the production of bile, which facilitates digestion. The plant also lowers cholesterol and blood lipids. Artichokes are a panacea for numerous digestive ailments: heaviness, heartburn, flatulence. In addition, it accelerates the metabolism and promotes the excretion of toxins from the body.

Schizandra Berry Extract - Chinese Schizandra, is a plant whose fruits contain lignans and triterpenoids, which to some extent have the ability to improve the body's efficiency and have an adaptogenic effect. The use of an extract of this plant stimulates the secretion of dopamine, which effectively improves cognitive functions and motivation to train.

White Peony Root Extract - peony extract is used to treat arthritis, excessive fatigue and non-specific nerve pain. Paeonia (white peony root) perfectly reduces inflammation, has antispasmodic properties and soothes neuralgia. Paeonia extract is valued for its healing and rejuvenating properties. Therapeutic uses include supporting the proper functioning of the lungs, liver, and spleen. The plant has a positive effect on blood circulation, contributes to the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys.

Anabolic Designs Liver + Dosage:

3 capsules daily with a meal.

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