• Multi Active Formula 60 caps
  • Multi Active Formula 60 caps

Multi Active Formula 60 caps

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Fitness Authority Multi Active Formula 60 caps vitamin complex

Fitness Authority Multi Active Formula, a new supplement for men rich in vitamins and minerals with the addition of plant extracts supporting the functioning of the circulatory system, reducing fatty tissue and regulating DHT activity, inhibiting excessive hair loss. The supplement is intended for men to supplement vitamins and trace elements.

Who do we recommend multivitamins to?

An excellent preparation enriches the diet with ingredients promoting vitality, physical and psychophysical condition. Multivitamins are recommended for convalescence after illnesses, for people following a strict diet and for athletes to increase the body's performance.

A high-quality complex of vitamins and minerals combined with plant ingredients supplements the deficiency of the most important ingredients. Saw palmetto extract contained in the supplement will work in case of problems with prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction.

Fitness Authority Multi Active Formula 60 caps vitamin complex composition:

Vitamin A - a key vitamin when it comes to the health of our skin, hair and nails. That is why it is often an invaluable ingredient in skin and hair supplements. The use of the vitamin is especially important for dry and acne-prone skin. It helps the skin to maintain an adequate level of hydration, making the skin more elastic and soft. It also helps fight signs of aging such as wrinkles. It turns out to be helpful in reducing stretch marks or symptoms of peeling skin.

Vitamin D - together with calcium, it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, prevents rickets, strengthens the heart and soothes inflammation. In addition, vitamin D regulates insulin secretion, which affects the proper level of sugar in the blood. Research shows that it stimulates the bone marrow to produce defense cells and prevents some cancers.

Vitamin E - inhibits the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, thus preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. It takes an active part in the synthesis of anticoagulants, maintaining the proper permeability of cell membranes and minimizes the phenomenon of clumping of platelets, therefore it effectively prevents the formation of clots in blood vessels. It is recommended for people with high blood cholesterol levels. It can be used in the prophylaxis against myocardial infarction.

Vitamin C - it is the basis of the skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels and valves in the heart. Ascorbic acid is a strong antioxidant, it accelerates the decomposition of harmful substances resulting from intense training, it also effectively protects against infections. Another advantage of this vitamin is the improvement of iron absorption and the improvement of oxygen transport to cells, which translates into improved muscle condition. Effective oxygen absorption extends the working time of the muscles and delays the stage of anaerobic respiration in the muscles that causes the formation of soreness.

Vitamin B1 -very well soluble in water, which effectively affects its digestibility. It plays an important role in tissue respiration, including metabolism of carbohydrates. It is one of the most important vitamins, the deficiencies of which can lead to weakness of the body, chronic fatigue, eye problems, circulatory failure, digestive system disorders, and even in extreme cases to depression.

Vitamin B2 - performs important functions in the body, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system as well as the immune system. Together with vitamin A, it is responsible for the proper, good condition of the mucous membranes, including the digestive tract, skin and blood vessels. Some scientific studies indicate that it is involved in the formation of red blood cells and blood.

Vitamin B6 - is a coenzyme of many enzymatic changes in the body, including transamination and decarboxylation of amino acids. It is particularly important in the transformation of tryptophan, which produces serotonin and nicotinic acid. It is essential in the process of phosphorylation, influences glycogenesis and glycogenolysis in muscles, and plays an important role in immune and hematopoietic processes. It reduces the secretion of prolactin, which has a negative effect on male libido.

Vitamin B12 - belongs to the group of vitamins that are soluble in water. It is known by other names: cobalamin or cyanocobalamin. It is not a single substance, but a chemical compound containing, inter alia, cobalt. Vitamin B12 deficiencies are particularly dangerous and concern mainly the mental sphere, the nervous system and the hematopoietic system. Vitamin B12 acts as a non-protein component of the enzyme necessary for its activity in the production of monoamine neurotransmitters important for the brain: dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine.

Biotin - is part of the B vitamin group, although it is not a vitamin. It is a coenzyme that works in conjunction with vitamins. It is essential for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. As a coenzyme, it is involved in many processes and is used by every cell in the body. Biotin is involved in energy metabolism and plays an important role in the use of glucose. It is essential for cell growth and replication, and enables the formation and maintenance of the chemical structures of keratin (the main protein found in hair and nails). Biotin is soluble in water and excess is eliminated in the urine.

Folic Acid - is involved in many important enzymatic reactions in the body and helps convert vitamin B12 to one of the active forms. Maintaining an optimal level of this essential vitamin is essential for proper cell growth and protein synthesis. In addition, folate maintains the correct concentration of homocysteine, and thus supports the health of the circulatory system and the functions of the nervous system. Chronic intake of medications such as aspirin and antacids can affect folate metabolism.

Niacin - is extremely important for the functioning of the peripheral nervous system. Niacin increases the activity of mitochondria. In addition, it contributes to the proper maintenance of cholesterol in the blood, and also participates in the synthesis of sex hormones: insulin, cortisol and thyroxine.

Pantothenic Acid - prevents discoloration (graying) of hair, regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, lowers blood cholesterol, participates in the formation of antibodies.

Magnesium - one of the bone components, the formula in the Multi Active supplement is in the form of a highly digestible form. It stabilizes the level of calcium phosphates, which prevents their demineralization, is a cofactor of many enzymes (including kinases), plays an important role in the process of muscle contraction, stimulates the body's defense mechanisms, necessary in the initial stage of the steroidogenesis process, indirectly controls the synthesis of growth hormone, insulin and insulin -like growth factor (IGF).

Calcium - calcium is the basic mineral component that influences, inter alia, the maintenance of the electrolyte balance of the body necessary for its proper functioning. It is an important component of bone tissue and is essential for its proper development, as well as for the efficient functioning of nerves, muscles and heart.

Zinc - detoxifies the body, neutralizing the harmful effects of heavy metals - cadmium and lead. Its beneficial effect is to improve metabolism, accelerate wound healing, improve the state of mind, protect the eye and take care of the proper functioning of the senses. Zinc has been proven to improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails. This mineral is involved in the processing of fatty acids, which affects the regeneration of tissues - especially the skin. Thanks to it, wounds heal faster and fill the defects in its tissue.

Managanese - regulates the work of the nervous system, affects the metabolism of fats, is involved in the transformation of sex hormones, necessary to maintain the proper condition of the bones.

Copper - a micronutrient that affects our well-being, appearance and health. Effectively fights bacteria and has an anti-cancer effect. It ensures the proper functioning of the heart and is necessary for the construction of blood vessels. In addition, copper helps to strengthen immunity and also prevents osteoporosis.

Iodine - iodine is a mineral necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) Thyroid hormones are tyrosine-based hormones produced by the thyroid gland and are essential for normal metabolism. The thyroid gland controls basic metabolic functions such as the regulation of body temperature, tissue growth and development, and energy levels. All these actions are activated by the synthesis of Tiroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), the iodine content of which is close to 60%.

Chrome - improves the transport of amino acids to cells, stimulates energy changes. For people who are slimming and using physical exercise, an important property of chromium is its positive effect on reducing the need to reach for sweet snacks.

Selenium - is a very important mineral for health. Its strong antioxidant action protects cells against free radicals, thus counteracting the effects of oxidative stress, preventing cell aging. It protects the tissues against degeneration and maintains the elasticity and youth of the skin. In addition, the mineral stimulates the immune system and also has an anti-inflammatory function.

Molybdenum - molybdenum is involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats and purines, and is responsible for the proper absorption of iron.

Bitter Orange Extract - is not an edible fruit, but it is an excellent source of vitamin C, the amount of which in the extract can reach even 42%. Compared to regular oranges, bitter oranges are much richer not only in vitamin C, but also in antioxidants, e.g. bioflavonoids such as hesperidin. In addition to the high content of perfectly digestible vitamin C, the bitter orange is famous primarily for its compactness in the synephrine plant, which is a natural substitute for ephedrine. Synephrine has a similar structure to ephedrine. It is obtained naturally from unripe citrus fruits, eg Citrus uranium L., Citrus aurantium L. This substance is a natural substitute for ephedrine.

Sabal Palm Extract - saw palmetto extract is used in the case of benign prostatic hyperplasia and in the prevention of this disease. Research shows that it alleviates the symptoms of an enlarged prostate in a number of ways. First of all, it affects the concentration of hormones that cause the growth of prostate cells. It has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces tissue swelling. Laboratory tests have shown that it stimulates the immune system. Used in the treatment of prostate and urinary tract infections. As it lowers the concentration of hormones promoting the development of cancer cells, it is an excellent anti-cancer agent.

Pumpkin Seed Extract - thanks to its health properties, it has long been used in folk medicine, incl. as a remedy for gastrointestinal parasites, prostate and urinary tract inflammation, upper respiratory tract infections, and allergies. Some argue that if consumed regularly, it can prevent atherosclerosis, body weakness and depression. It is recommended for benign prostatic hyperplasia (in the early stages of hypertrophy), urination disorders or potency disorders. It has a positive effect on the proper functioning of the prostate gland and normalizes the urination process.

Nettle Extract - the plant and its substances show strong antioxidant, anti-aggregation, anti-inflammatory, hypocholesterolemic and hypoglycemic properties. Due to these properties, nettle is becoming more and more popular and new prophylactic and therapeutic applications are constantly being sought in terms of its possible use in many diseases and ailments.

Ginkgo Extract - effectively improves memory disorders and problems with concentration. It has a positive effect on the circulatory system, improving blood flow in the vessels. What's coolest, it delays the aging process. It inhibits or eliminates unpleasant tinnitus and dizziness. It has a slightly diuretic and cleansing effect. It inhibits the activity of free radicals (antioxidant effect), which helps to keep the skin youthful.

Black Pepper Extract - black pepper extract has a very positive effect on the physical and mental performance of the body. It increases resistance to pain stimuli, and accelerates the elimination of lactic acid from the muscles. By increasing the absorption of ingredients, it increases the effectiveness of all ingredients used in the supplement.

Dosage of Multi Active:

2 tablets a day. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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