• Muscle Infusion 2265g
  • Muscle Infusion 2265g

Muscle Infusion 2265g

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Nutrex Muscle Infusion advanced protein supplement

Nutrex Muscle Infusion is an advanced multi-protein formula that provides your muscles with 25 grams of high-quality protein per serving. The protein mix provides a mix of several proteins that maximize the growth and development of muscle mass.

Protein contains both concentrate, isolate and whey protein hydrolyzate!

This is a sensational product thanks to which you will effectively expand your muscle mass to the limit, as well as maintain adequate separation and muscle density. This supplement is intended for both physically active people and those with a protein deficiency in the diet. Muscle Infusion protein supplement is an excellent source of glutamine, and thanks to the naturally occurring high levels of BCAA and EAA, it supports muscle regeneration and growth. To support the building of lean muscle mass, the conditioner is practically fat-free.

Try the new Muscle Infusion protein mix rich in ingredients:

Whey Protein Concentrate - is characterized by an exceptionally high biological value and excellent digestibility, it is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract in just a few minutes, has a wide profile of amino acids, high biological value, rich in alpha-lactalbumin - reducing stress, preventing cancer and diseases cardiology, lactoferrin, i.e. perfectly digestible iron, and lactoperoxidase, the killer of bacteria.

Whey Protein Isolate - this raw material is considered the most perfect and the most valuable source of proteins used in supplementing a sports diet. It provides the highest quality, quickly absorbed building components that stimulate the growth and regeneration of muscle fibers. Whey protein isolate is characterized by an exemplary content of the most important amino acids with anabolic effect and active micro-peptides. The use of a unique production technology allows for a record-high protein concentration and the highest degree of purity. As a result, this protein is practically completely free from undesirable components that could reduce its nutritional value.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein - present in the Muscle Infusion supplement is a protein subjected to an enzymatic process. Thanks to this procedure, the absorption of protein is accelerated to the shortest possible time. The hydrolyzate has the highest protein content, up to 100%. The absorption time is 15-60 minutes. Supplementation with WPH can increase insulin levels, increasing the transport of nutrients to muscle cells. The low content of lactose and fat facilitates the use of the product by people with digestive problems.

Maltodextrin - polysaccharide consisting mainly of glucose. Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate. It is very easily digestible and is quickly digested in the human digestive tract. It is an easy and quick source of energy for the whole day.

Coconut Oil - has a specific chemical structure, not found in the case of other fats. It consists of medium-chain fatty acids - MCFA (for information in our diet, long-chain acids dominate), they do not have to be divided into smaller fragments. As a result, they go directly to the cells where they are burned and used by the body to produce energy. Therefore, coconut oil does not accumulate in the form of adipose tissue and does not raise the level of bad LDL cholesterol. On the contrary, by increasing the body's energy reserves, it allows you to increase metabolism, which results in efficient burning of calories. Coconut oil has a number of properties, especially important for people who care about their figure. The most important of them are: easy digestion and assimilated by the body, does not contribute to the building of adipose tissue, on the contrary, it stimulates metabolism, increases energy and endurance, supports detoxification of the body, reduces appetite.

BCAA - BCAA amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, valine are essential amino acids because the body is unable to produce them on its own. The only source of supplying the body with branched chain amino acids is diet or appropriate supplementation.

EAA - supplementation shows the best results when used regularly, after training. After exercise, muscles need additional support to inhibit catabolism, preventing muscle tissue breakdown. Insufficient supply of essential amino acids in the diet may lead to the inhibition of regeneration or the development of muscle mass.

Muscle Infusion Dosage:

Mix one level scoop with 200 ml of water. The supplement can be taken at any time of the day.

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