• Osteo-Rx 120 caps
  • Osteo-Rx 120 caps

Osteo-Rx 120 caps

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Osteo-Rx 120 caps - the number 1 support for overstressed joints.

Osteo-Rx ™ by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a new supplement to support healthy bones. A supplement rich in proven bone density restoring ingredients. Among other ingredients, the formula contains microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (MCHC). The calcium formula features an extremely favourable calcium:phosphorus ratio of 2:1, exactly in the ratio created by the body.


  • Regenerates joint cartilage,
  • Has an analgesic effect,
  • Promotes mineral absorption,
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect,
  • Protects against free radicals,
  • Strengthens bones.

Osteo-Rx ™ is one of the best anti-ageing supplements for healthy bone structure. The supplement is especially recommended for women prone to bone mass loss and in the case of osteoporosis. It is also dedicated to physically active people, as a daily support during training, reducing the risk of injuries or fractures.

The OsteoBlast-4 ™ formula supports healthy bones and joints. The formula is rich in ingredients with a molecularly optimised structure (low molecular weight) and can therefore be easily absorbed by the body. The highly bioavailable matrix of sodium hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate and pure crystalline glucosamine hydrochloride contributes to the optimal preservation of bone mineral density and supports bone strength. Most calcium supplements contain inferior forms of calcium (usually dicalcium phosphate or calcium carbonate), which are poorly absorbed. Osteo-RX supplement is rich in calcium hydroxyapatite, a form of calcium naturally found in bones.

1 tablet, 1000 mg:
Calcium Hydroxyapatite - calcium hydroxyapatite also contains trace minerals, organic factors, matrix proteins, glycosaminoglycans and the full spectrum of minerals that are naturally responsible for strong bones. Because hydroxyapatite provides calcium as it is found in the body, calcium can be absorbed quickly.

Calcium Phosphate Apatite - calcium phosphate. Calcium is an essential mineral that, among other things, influences the body's electrolyte balance necessary for its proper functioning. It is an important component of bone tissue and is essential for its proper development, as well as for the processes of efficient nerve, muscle and heart function. Magnesium, by reducing the conductivity and excitability of the heart muscle, counteracts its hypoxia. It also has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system - by dilating and protecting blood vessels, it acts as a natural anticoagulant.

Ipriflavone - a substance obtained by synthesis. It is an isoflavone and belongs to a group of compounds called bioflavonoids, which are found in large quantities in plants. The substance effectively increases the concentration of calcium in the bone. Users using ipriflavone observe reduced bone loss and reduced bone pain in patients with osteoporosis.

Cissus Quadrangularis - a natural preparation that supports the body in many ways. Above all, it improves the condition of tendons and joints, and is recommended for athletes, active people and those with connective tissue problems or for the prevention of overload injuries. Cissus helps protect joints, regulates metabolism and has an antioxidant effect. Cissus works by reducing the excessive activity of glucocorticoids (by affecting some of their receptors) - hormones produced by the adrenal cortex, which have a strong catabolic effect (increase the breakdown of proteins in extrahepatic tissues).

Crystalline Glucosamine HCL - is an essential component of joint fluid. If the body does not have enough glucosamine, the synovium becomes thinner and more watery and the joints are not sufficiently 'lubricated' and are more susceptible to damage. Providing sufficient glucosamine in the form of a dietary supplement stimulates the production of joint synovium.

Low Molecular Weight Chondroitin Sulfate - is an essential component of joint synovium. If the body does not have enough glucosamine, the synovium becomes thinner and more watery and the joints are not sufficiently 'lubricated' and are more susceptible to damage. Supplying sufficient glucosamine in the form of a dietary supplement stimulates the production of joint fluid. Recent scientific studies have proven the effective action of glucosamine also in arthritic pain and inflammation. Glucosamine sulphate is absorbed very well, penetrating from the digestive tract into the affected cartilage, which promotes cartilage regeneration. It also does not interact with medications, which is of particular importance for chronic users of certain preparations for health reasons.

Sodium Hyaluronic Acid - Hyaluronic acid, thanks to its ability to connect collagen fibres and bind water molecules, provides us with firm, hydrated and nourished skin and influences the quality of the joint fluid. Interestingly, just one gram of hyaluronic acid can bind approximately six litres of water. Additional benefits of HA are that it can also relieve inflammation.

Adenosine Triposhate - ATP is a universal energy carrier. Its high-energy bonds allow energy to be released during its breakdown. ATP plays an extremely important role in strength training. When the efficiency of ATP reproduction decreases, a drop in training capacity is felt. The compound cannot be stored due to its properties, so it is a good idea to prepare the body for exercise in the best possible way. It is a good idea to replenish muscle glycogen by supplying an adequate amount of carbohydrates, as well as providing the substance in supplement form.

Dosage: 1-4 tablets 2 times a day.


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