• Propolis Plus Extract 60 ml
  • Propolis Plus Extract 60 ml

Propolis Plus Extract 60 ml

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Now Foods Propolis Plus Extract 60 ml for immunity

Now Foods Propolis Plus Extract is a natural booster of the immune system improving the psychophysical condition of the body, adding energy, showing anti-inflammatory effect. This natural antibiotic strengthens the immune system thanks to propolis and other natural ingredients abounding in active compounds, vitamins and minerals supporting health.

NowFoods Propolis Plus Extract 60 ml is:

  • Improved immunity,
  • Improved well-being,
  • Prevents infections,
  • Reduces inflammation

How does propolis work?

The product is an ideal proposition for people with reduced immunity, suffering from frequent infections and colds. Thanks to the use of only natural ingredients, it is safe to use and is an excellent replacement for antibiotics.

It is successfully used by people working in the service of occupational medicine, which are exposed to patients every day. Used preventively reduces the probability of disease by stimulating the work of B, T lymphocytes and NK cells responsible for the phenomenon of natural cytotoxicity.

NowFoods Propolis Plus Extract 60 ml composition:

Bee Propolis - propolis is a protective material produced by bees in order to strengthen the walls of a beehive and strips. The resin-wax substance is a mixture of resin, oils, polysaccharides, lipids secreted by plants and bee secretions. It is rich in flavonoids: quercetin, betulin, kaempferol, acacetin, galangine. It shows antibacterial, antiviral, anticoagulant, strengthening and sealing properties of blood vessels acting anti-inflammatory.

Forsythia - forsythia fruit extract has a calming, diastolic, anti-inflammatory and hypotensive effect. Saponins contained in the plant increase the amount of gastric juice by activating the absorption of nutrients. Flavonoids and lignans reduce allergic reactions and reduce inflammation.

Licorice - licorice increases physical fitness in athletes. Affects the hydration and elasticity of the muscles which translates into their adequate hydration and saturation with electrolytes. The plant affects regeneration and increases muscle mass. Flavonoids present in licorice have a relaxant effect on smooth muscle of the respiratory, digestive and urinary tract.

Slippery Elm - plant has long been used by Indians in natural medicine. It is rich in airlocks that absorb large amounts of water to form a gel, covering the mucosa with a protective layer. Protects the gastrointestinal tract and the upper respiratory tract. It contains active ingredients, salicylic acid and flavonoids.

Whole Cloves - have antibacterial activity, inhibit the activity of enzymes that affect inflammation, support the immune system.

Goldenseal- is considered one of the best natural antibiotics that support the immune system by combating bacteria and pathogenic viruses. It is rich in berberine that combats Chlamydia pneumoniae, fungal Candida colonies and restores the proper intestinal microflora. The bitter fights respiratory diseases, has an expectorant effect. It relieves the symptoms of strep throat, tonsillitis and pneumonia.

Myrrh - contains 35-40% resin, 3-6% essential oil and 50-55% rubber. Orally administered has an expectorant effect, astringent, reducing swelling, inhibits inflammation, reduces fever and has analgesic effect.

Echinacea - is a popular medicinal plant, used as a multidirectional field of action in folk medicine. It is believed that the herb and root of this plant raise the body's natural immunity, which is why it is a frequent component of immunostimulating preparations. In addition, echinacea preparations are also used due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. it is commonly used at the first symptoms of the disease (as an attempt to accelerate the rate of recovery) or on a daily basis (as a preventive measure in reducing the incidence of disease). At present, it can be one of the better solutions available to reduce the frequency or length of typical illnesses during the autumn and winter-spring period.


1-2 portion to 2-3 times a day. Use with water or directly on the tongue. For use by children over 2 years of age, half of the recommended dose is recommended.

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