• Super Pancreatin Enzymes 100 caps
  • Super Pancreatin Enzymes 100 caps

Super Pancreatin Enzymes 100 caps

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Haya Labs Super Pancreatin Enzymes 100 caps digestive enzymes

Haya Super Pancreatin Enzymes 100 caps is a blend of three enzymes that perfectly support your digestion. The supplement has been targeted to deal with digestive problems like bloating, indigestion and malaise.

Haya Labs Super Pancreatin Enzymes complex of digestive enzymes involved in the digestion and absorption of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The supplement contains amylase, protease and lipase in its composition. It effectively improves digestion, resulting in faster absorption of nutrients. Protease helps in protein absorption, especially when athletes consume a lot of meat.

Haya Super Pancreatin Enzymes are:

  • Digestive support,
  • Improved absorption of meals,
  • Mitigating the effects of overeating,
  • Improved bowel function,
  • Eliminate bloating,
  • Improve mood.

Digestive enzymes in bodybuilding

The addition of enzymes in the diet of a person training indirectly affects the development of muscle mass by properly using the basic building block - proteins to build new muscle. Amylase is an enzyme that helps break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars assimilable by the small intestine. Lipase - a digestive enzyme secreted by the pancreas, is involved in the breakdown of fat, which relieves the work of the gall bladder. Many bodybuilders, especially when building muscle mass, use digestive enzymes to ease the task of absorbing mountains of food. If eating is also becoming a challenge for you, then using Haya Super Pancreatin Enzymes may be the treatment that will effectively allow you to overeat mountains of food, without digestive issues.

Super Pancreatin Enzymes 100 caps ingredients:

1 serving, 1 capsule:

Pancreatin 8X - 500 mg:

Amylase - 110,000 USP - amylase is an enzyme that is found, among others, in the mouth and is responsible for the initial digestion of carbohydrates. The action of the enzyme is directed at the breakdown of starch into shorter carbohydrate chains, which effectively facilitates their digestion in the stomach. Especially recommended for people who have problems with digestion of whole grain products.

Protease - 110,000 USP - Proteases are protein digesting enzymes that break down proteins into smaller particles. They break down proteins, under hydrolysis, into polypeptides, peptides and single amino acids that are seamlessly absorbed. This is the enzyme that bodybuilders who want to increase the supply of protein in the diet care about the most. Its action easily allows you to increase the amount of protein, as well as assimilate more amino acids.

Lipase - 10 000 USP - lipases are responsible for the digestibility of fats. Their action will break down fatty acid esters into free fatty acids and glycerol. Lipases perfectly relieve the work of the liver and gall bladder, which allows your liver to breathe. What's more, more effectively digested fats mean more energy used during training.

Super Pancreatin Enzymes recommended dosage:

Take 1 capsule with a hearty meal.


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