• Thermo-Lean V2 180 caps
  • Thermo-Lean V2 180 caps

Thermo-Lean V2 180 caps

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Brawn Nutrition Thermo-Lean V2 180 caps fat burner

Brawn Nutrtion Thermolean 2 is an effective fat burner that not only quickly reduces fat tissue, but also preserves muscle mass and protects it against degradation. Designed for people who expect visible results with a positive effect on the nervous system. It works on many levels, intensifying thermogenic and lipotropic processes, thus ensuring quick and lasting results during weight loss. The main task of Thermo-Lean V2 is to increase our metabolism, which in turn leads to burning more calories during the day.

Brawn Nutrition Thermo-Lean V2 180 caps is:

  • Fat Burner,
  • Strong thermogenic,
  • Accelerates metabolism,
  • supports weight loss,
  • Limits appetite

Brawn Nutrition Thermo-Lean V2 180 caps fat burner

Brawn Thermo Lean V2 is an excellent choice for people looking for a fat burner with real effects and stimulating potential. It is perfect for every stage of fat reduction and allows you to achieve visible weight loss in a relatively short time. It is one of the most complete products for use during the period of fat reduction. It has a multi-directional effect, which activates the fat cell release processes quickly and effectively.

The weight loss period is very difficult for both beginners and experienced athletes. This is a time when we do not provide our body with large amounts of calories and microelements, but we still have to work just as hard and remain very active. It perfectly improves the comfort of everyday functioning and allows us to remain full of energy, vitality and focus even during the period of weight loss.

Brawn Nutrition Thermo-Lean V2 180 caps fat burner composition:

3,5, Diiodo-L-Thyronine - thyroid hormone metabolite. Scientific studies show that the compound has the ability to increase the rate of fatty acid oxidation, which supports weight loss. This is due, inter alia, to the fact that 3,5-diiodothyronine increases the use of oxygen in the body. Available scientific literature preliminarily confirms that the use of 3,5-diiodothyronine does not have side effects like the use of thyroid hormones.

Caffeine Anhydrous - has a thermogenic effect and suppresses appetite, thanks to increased production of adrenaline and noradrenaline. It has been proven to increase the formation of such neurotransmitters in the central nervous system as dopamine, acetylcholine or even serotonin, which exerts a stimulating effect and increases cognitive function. The overall effect of caffeine on the body allows you to maintain the effectiveness of training and maintain a positive mood, despite the calorie deficit.

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate - known as Eria Jarensis acts as a neuromodulator on the central nervous system, providing many benefits for cognitive function. Provides mood-enhancing effects by increasing dopamine and nor-adrenaline levels in the body. Dopamine is responsible for increasing the feeling of well-being, and therefore the extract of Eria Jarensis provides a euphoric effect, while reducing anxiety. Dopamine and noradrenaline are also associated with increased mental alertness and concentration. It has an effect similar to DMAA - provides agitation, great concentration, alertness and the effect of euphoria.

Hordenine HCL - works primarily by releasing and protecting norepinephrine, which translates into increased metabolism, energy supply, and a decrease in appetite. Users use hordenine for three main effects: fat loss, appetite control and energy boost. It is used by pre-workout bodybuilders for synergistic effects combined with PEA (phenylethylamine).

Halostachine - a powerful, extremely rare and exclusive ingredient with a strength exceeding pure ephedrine. It works on exactly the same principle by stimulating beta 3 receptors. The result is an immediate increase in energy, stimulation, increased mental clarity, increased motivation, strength and endurance. Halostachine Hcl has extremely selective activity, which is why it does not show such a high risk of blood pressure increase. Adrenaline and noradrenaline released thanks to it works in a strictly specific direction turning fat into energy.

N-Isopropyloctopamine - Acetyl-L-Carnitine - is the acetylated and metabolically active form of the amino acid L-carnitine - a vitamin-like substance. Its main properties include nootropic, neuroprotective, antioxidant and promoting fat metabolism in mitochondria. In addition, Acetyl Carnitine has a positive effect on the condition of the circulatory system and tissue sensitivity to insulin; it also reduces tiredness. The substance also participates in the regulation of hormonal balance - it mainly affects testosterone and cortisol levels.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha - high-quality Ashwagandha root extract obtained in a process consistent with the principles of 'Green chemistry'. As an adaptogen, it has a positive effect on the body's energy management. Contributes to the protection of tissues against damage - acts as an antioxidant and supports the building of muscle tissue. It helps in maintaining vitality, well-being and emotional balance as well as in states of reduced concentration, exhaustion, fatigue and nervous tension. In addition, it supports the processes of learning, remembering and maintaining mental fitness in good condition.

Grains of Paradise - the extract acting agonistically against TRPV1 receptors and by increasing the production of adrenaline and noradrenaline, promotes lipolysis, thanks to which it releases the energy substrates necessary to maintain the continuity of muscle work involved in physical effort. By intensifying the degradation of previously accumulated adipose tissue, increasing the efficiency of thermogenesis occurring in brown adipose tissue. It promotes the appropriate hormonal environment by increasing testosterone synthesis and by acting anti-estrogen supports the formation of the right body composition. By causing strong excitation of TRPV1 and TRPA1 receptors, it causes limitation of their activity, which reduces the amount of pain felt.

InnoSlim - a proprietary blend of purified, fractionated extracts of Panax notoginseng and Astragalus root. The formula supports the production of adiponectin, a protein hormone that helps modulate metabolic processes, including glucose regulation and adequate fatty acid metabolism.

Capsimax - a formula based on the alkaloid found naturally in peppers. Capsaicin helps to increase and maintain lipolysis (fat burning) in people prone to fat. Consumed with food, capsaicin may increase the total energy consumed and carbohydrate oxidation, and slow down lipid oxidation for a short period of time (up to two hours).

ProGBB - ethyl ester of gamma aminobutyric acid and betaine is a muscarinic receptor antagonist in the production of nitric oxide. Effectively lowers blood pressure and increases the production of nitric oxide in the body. It affects oxygenation, nutrition and increases muscle blood supply, improving muscle performance.

Bioperine - is certainly one of the best ingredients. The goal of BioPerine is to increase the bioavailability of other ingredients and enable proper absorption of all of them, so that you can get the best results and maximize the time spent in the gym.

Brawn Nutrition Thermo-Lean V2 fat burner dosage:

3 capsules twice a day, first dose in the morning, next in the evening. Use with a meal.

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