• Vitamin A 25000 IU 100 caps
  • Vitamin A 25000 IU 100 caps

Vitamin A 25000 IU 100 caps

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NowFoods Vitamin A 25000 IU 100 caps

Vitamin A by Now Foods is a dietary supplement containing vitamin A in the form of the most bioavailable retinol for the body, extracted from fish liver oil, at a dose of 25,000 IU per capsule. The product has a high dose of vitamin A, which is why it is recommended in severe deficiencies of this organic compound, skin diseases such as psoriasis or acne, and vision problems. Due to the fact that vitamin A is involved in the formation of T and B lymphocytes, it is also recommended in immune declines or during the autumn and winter.

What is vitamin A?

Vitamin A - is a group of organic chemical compounds from the group of fat-soluble retinoids. They are essential for maintaining full health of the body, so it should be supplied with food. The recommended daily intake for an adult ranges from 700 to 900 uq. Severe deficiency leads to problems with skin vision and the digestive system.

Vitamin A deficiency

People who shy away from animal foods, are on long and restrictive low-fat reduction diets, consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes are particularly prone to vitamin A deficiencies. The consequences of deficiencies are usually serious problems with eyesight after dusk, dry eyeballs, very dry skin especially on the knees and elbows, and symptoms of a decline in the body's overall immunity. In women, too little vitamin A in the blood leads to menstrual disorders and fertility problems.

Vitamin A and healthy eyes

Vitamin A deficiencies were known as far back as ancient times, where it was noted that reduced consumption of re tinol-rich meat products caused vision problems after dusk, so-called "chicken blindness. At the time, the natural antidote turned out to be the administration of raw liver, which replenished a large dose of easily absorbed vitamin A. Vitamin A enables the production of rhodopsin, a visual pigment located in the rods of the retina, which is essential for maintaining normal vision.

Vitamin A for the skin

Vitamin A is known for its properties that accelerate epidermal regeneration. It helps reduce scars and imperfections, strengthens protective functions and ensures proper hydration of the skin. It supports the production of collagen and elastin, which translates into healthy skin appearance, elasticity and firmness. Administration of vitamin A in many cases helps to level acne lesions, which are caused by eating too much processed food and hormonal imbalances in the body. Adequate plasma concentration of vitamin A removes wrinkles and discoloration. In addition, beta-carotene, which is a pro-vitamin A, has properties that reduce the sensitivity of the epidermis to UV radiation. It acts as a natural sunscreen to prevent burning. Administration of vitamin A is also useful in the treatment of herpes labialis and skin warts.

Antioxidant activity

Vitamin A belongs to the group of antioxidants, i.e. substances that nullify the negative effects of excessive reactive oxygen species (RFTs) on the body's cells. The state of imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants is called oxidative stress, which can contribute to damage to DNA, proteins and cells leading to their mutation. As a result, the risk of metabolic diseases and cancer increases. Excess free radicals also accelerate skin aging and deterioration of skin elasticity. Administration of antioxidants, i.e. vitamin A, helps to restore balance and avoid the negative effects of oxidative stress.


1 capsule once a day after a meal.


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