• Warpath 90 caps
  • Warpath 90 caps

Warpath 90 caps

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Centurion Labz Warpath 90 caps testosterone booster

Centurion Labz Warpath new booster contains active ingredients responsible for increasing testosterone levels and creating an anabolic environment for muscle growth and development. Warpath has an excellent effect on gaining lean muscle mass, increases endurance and has a positive effect on post-workout regeneration. The high anabolic potential of the ingredients allows for rapid growth of muscle mass without excessive water retention. It is an ideal addition to pre-workout supplements to maximize the effects in the gym and a sculpted figure.

Centurion Labz Warpath 90 caps is:

  • Testosterone booster,
  • Increases the level of anabolism,
  • Supports building muscle mass,
  • Improves training results,
  • Faster regeneration

The Warpath supplement increases the amount of IGF-1 growth factor and testosterone levels

Get to know the ingredients of the Centurion Labz Warpath testosterone booster:

Arachidonic Acid - arachidonic acid is a compound that in our body increases the production of Prostaglandins, responsible for the process of increasing muscle mass and burning fat tissue. In addition, Arachidonic Acid increases the number of androgenic receptors and increases the level of IGF-1.

Na-M-DAA - the basic task of D-aspartic acid is to increase testosterone levels in our body. The role of testosterone in the process of building muscle mass and body sports is extremely important - this hormone is necessary for the synthesis of new muscle proteins. In addition, this compound is responsible for male sexual performance, determines the reactions of spermatogenesis and contributes to normal sexual development. DAA works mainly by increasing the release of gonadotropin (GnRH), luteinizing hormone (LH), as well as increasing the content of testosterone derived from the testes. Systematic supplementation with D acid will lead to a gradual increase in strength and muscle mass, and will also intensify the regenerative processes of the body after intense physical exertion.

Creatine Pyruvate - creatine pyruvate is a unique combination of Creatine and pyruvic acid. Both compounds are naturally synthesized in the human body and used in particular by muscles. Thanks to the unique combination, the obtained compound is up to 5 times more effective than each of them separately. The reason for this is the excellent bioavailability and bioavailability of creatine pyruvate. About 95% of the body's creatine resources are found in skeletal muscle cells.

Creatine Gluconate - a combination of a creatine and glucose molecule. This treatment aims to increase the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract into the bloodstream and further into the muscle cells. The ingredient is recommended as an endurance booster for physically active people. It shows strong anabolic and anti-catabolic properties.

Vanadyl Sulfate- vanadyl sulfate. Vanadium is an element that participates in the proper transformation of phospholipids, cholesterol, glucose and proper fats. Supports the action of phytosterols, lowers blood glucose and cholesterol levels. In addition, it prevents skeletal muscle fatness. It accelerates the penetration of glucose from the blood into the body's cells. It stimulates the synthesis of glycogen and its deposition in the muscles. Vanadyl Sulfate also increases the growth of muscle mass due to the deposition of glycogen in it. The element improves blood circulation, activates the development of blood vessels. Research shows that vanadium accelerates the transport of amino acids to muscle cells, which may facilitate the weight loss process.

Bioperine - black pepper extract - the key ingredient is piperine - it makes us sneeze, but also affects the fact that we lose weight. Scientists have carried out studies which clearly show that piperine interferes with the action of genes responsible for the formation of new fat cells. Thanks to piperine contained in black seeds, we better absorb B vitamins, selenium and beta-carotene from food. Pepper improves digestion, disinfects the urinary tract, helps fight inflammation and even reduces the feeling of pain.

Centurion Labz Warpath testosterone booster dosage:

3 capsules a day.

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