Bad Ass Nutrition

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Bad Ass Nutrition is a supplement company originating from Europe, dedicated to people who are not afraid of challenges and hard workouts. As the name suggests Bad Ass, which freely translated means tougher, are products that perfectly support the exercise activities of any hardcore athlete. Do you want to be a hardcore athlete? Do you want to train harder? Do you want to get bigger and bigger? Bad Ass will effectively enable you to do so!

The Bad Ass brand is accompanied by the slogan "Dream Big, Grow Bigger". The brand's products allow you to realise your sporting dreams so that your physique is truly impressive. The company's products are characterised by a striking red colour with large lettering on the products. Immediately, their supplements catch the eye when placed between competing supplements on a shop shelf. Those familiar with sports supplementation will quickly notice the strong resemblance to the Animal range, and in fact the products here bear a strong resemblance to Universal's famous supplements.

The products that catch the eye are the BAD ASS FLEX joint support product; the BAD ASS PRE pre-workout and the BAD ASS Cuts fat burner. BodyShock.PRO customers are keen on BAD ASS Zero protein supplements, which is a high quality whey protein isolate with an excellent absorption rate.